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Aug 10,2002

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If you would like to add information about your chess club please contact us.

How do we plan to build up a real chess community with something of interest for as many people as possible? We would like to cooperate with you as much as possible. To encourage this we offer the following:

  • Free hosting of the Club page at www.gmchess.com
  • Access to Calendar of Events with a possibility to add your own information.
  • Participating in the GMChess Affiliate Network, earning up to $20 per sale coming from your reference.

The details are as follows:

Club page at www.gmchess.com
The web page of your club will have the following URL: http://www.gmchess.com/clubs/club_name This may include the free transfer of your existing web page or possibly help with design etc.

E-mail address club_name@gmchess.com

Benefits from miscellaneous activities related to the promotion of the gmchess.com website

Guest articles or a regular column about events in your club and/or area will be announced in the popular What's New section of www.gmchess.com

Calendar of Events
A special software tool will make it possible for you to add the events that are planned to take place in your club. Major events will be announced on the index page of www.gmchess.com. This will bring a decent promotion for your tournaments and your club itself and will surely attract participants from abroad.

GMChess Affiliate Network
Depending on the type of goods/services purchased via your reference we will pay you up to $20 per sale.

We hope that this will be of interest to you and that you will participate.

Chess clubs in Saint-Petersburg

Coklin, Marko - Srebrnic, Vojko (SLO, 1991) Black to move and win.

"He who fears an isolated queen's pawn should give up chess". Siegbert Tarrasch

"The most powerful weapon in chess is to have the next move"! - David Bronstein

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