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In order to become a great chess player, you need to be patient, have the proper skills, temperament and to love enough the process of strategic thinking. Top chess players, dedicate enough part of their lives thinking and playing chess, but also, they must dedicate enough time to watch, analyze and learn through other matches, in order to save into their mindful database all the movements and possibilities to face future games. Through time, the world had witnessed the success and trajectory of many remarkable chess players. Nowadays the current competitors must prove themselves not only against other people, but also against programs and intelligent computers specially made to beat humans in chess games.


Among the top chess players, we can find real prodigies people who had proved their intelligence since they were very young and who consistently increases and keep on proving their intelligence to the world. They also proved themselves writing books about strategies, chess thinking and philosophy, methods and other subjects to help new players enroll to the world of chess.

Magnus Carlsen:

Currently, according to the FIDE (World Chess Federation) and the ranking published for September 2016, the number one player for standard chess is Magnus Carlsen from Norway with only 25 years old, but ranked 63 times as #1 of his category. He became a Grandmaster with only 13 years and he reached the highest rank in the history of chess. He has an average rate of 40% of games won.

Nakamura Hikaru:

The second player ranked in the FIDE’s list is the North American Nakamura Hikaru, also one of the fastest chess players for official rapid and blitz ratings. With 30 years old, he had been in a constant competence with Magnus Carlsen and even defeated him several times. He also has written a book about bullet chess, which is a variation where opponents have less time to make movements. He has an average rate of 46% games won.


Sergey Karjakin:

For the third position in the ranking list, we have a Russian prodigy, Sergey Karjakin of 26 years old. Formerly he represents Ukraine as a chess Grandmaster. He had won several competences during his whole career, facing the current world champion Magnus Carlsen. He learned to play chess when he was 5 years old and he has a winning rate of 36%. His career grew into a very fast way and he is one of the favorites to see on the next world championship and face the current number one rated, Magnus Carlsen from Norway.

Next month (November 2016), it is going to take place The World Chess Tournament in New York City, and for the first time in sports history, it will be broadcasted live in 360º Virtual Reality. The VR broadcast of the match between Carlsen and Karjaking will be exclusively available through the official site of the World Chess Federation. Without any doubt, we will be willing to see these participants and others like Fabiano Caruana and Vladimir Kramnik, play, enjoy, think and how it turns out

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