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20.10.2004 09:32:54
Dietmar Schimmel, dietchess99@hotmail.com,
I just realized that I mistyped my email address.
20.10.2004 09:30:46
Dietmar Schimmel (Germany), dietchess00@hotmail.com,
I am very saddened to hear about the passing of Genrikh Chepukaitis. Thank you for all you have done for chess. My sincere condolences to his family.
17.10.2004 22:37:43
, writeforpills@tripod.com,

15.10.2004 11:54:50
Fabrizio Bellia, fabrizio.bellia@fastwebnet.it,
Thank you for all Mr Genrikh Chepukaitis
15.10.2004 05:27:17
Salim, salim_fazulyanov@yahoo.com,
Ksozhaleniu,ushel iz zhizni legendarnyi shahmatist Genrih Mikhailovich! :( On vsegda sobiral ogromnye auditorii, kto vsegda s ulybkoi slushali ego rasskay i stihi.Vsegda s ulybkoi i voshischeniem.Eto bolshoi udar dlya mnogih liudei.Vsegda voshischalsya ego mirovozrenii v shahmatah i v ego tvorchestve.On vsegda dobro smotrel,ulybalsya,derzhav ocherednuiu sigaretu belomora! :-)Vsegda budu pomnit' o Vas!Iskrenne skorbliu .Salim
14.10.2004 15:02:06
Vicki Lines,
I am so sorry to hear of te death of Genrikh Chepukaitis. While there with the children from Annapolis Maryland in May, I found Genrikh Chepukaitis to be very kind, and a happy man.I will be forever grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Genrikh Chepukaitis, and very happy that my son was able to learn even a little for him.
07.10.2004 04:21:34
FEDERICO SCHAFFENBURG, kurtkurt@prodigy.net.mx,

Im very sorry about the dead of this great master, i had the opportunity to play against him in this April 2004, and i did a draw, i was very surprised, becuase he had 2450 rating "smartchip" was his nick name, on icc 5 Minute games. So i went to see who was this master, and i was very pleased when i read about his style, his way of thinking about chess, and his great victories. I didn't know him before.
The World will be much better, when people can let his feeling's out, and play life like he did in chess, just enyoing and be just the way you are.
I will miss him a lot...
Federico Schaffenburg chapo icc nickname
04.10.2004 13:04:52
Навсегда мне запомнился Чепукайтис, и книжка его стоит на полке. Стоит прочитать хотя бы одну страницу из нее - сразу
представляю Чепукайтиса, с особым пафосом декламирующего.... Очень жаль.
24.09.2004 20:12:38
fr, fr@aol.com,
24.09.2004 13:33:13
Nigel Lappin, nlappin@ozemail.com.au,

Condolences to the friends and family of G.Chepukaitis - his clock has been stopped for the last time. Perhaps somewhere on a cloud he is driving Capa and Alekhine crazy playing fast, unsound, but winning, chess.
21.09.2004 17:05:25
Eli, oz_the_great_us@yahoo.com,
We will miss you Chepuikaites.. you had great ideas... and played the wildest positions I have seen... winning games that looked so lost.. and out of the blue the smoke settles and you were on top.. I am sure even now when the dust settles you will still be on top.. :)
20.09.2004 19:17:16
Dimitri Reinderman, gmchess@dimitri.org,
I agree with Sune Berg Hansen, he played a lot of interesting games on ICC. My condoleances for everyone who misses him.
17.09.2004 10:53:11
Megastar, narahari_chess@yahoo.co.in,
Hello sir, when did you release, white according to Anand 3rd Book
16.09.2004 02:16:13
M. Fedorov, inito@gmchess.com,
Умер очень жизнерадостный человек... его искрометный юмор помогал жить в этом жестоком мире...ушла эпоха...
12.09.2004 11:50:13
Sune Berg Hansen, skak@pol.dk,
I never met Chepuikaitis in person and I never spoke to him (he didn't speak english and I don't speak russian). Nevertheless I still feel I know him very well after playing more than 200 blitzgames with him (Smartchip) at ICC. I feel sad about his premature and sudden death. He had an interesting and original chessstyle and was one of the true blitzchess-gladiators. I will miss him.
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