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White to move and win.


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04.01.2003 22:31:07
Eugene, admin@kazchess.com,
- online ( 9 20 2003 )
KORCHNOY vs. SADVAKASOV online match (begin from 9 to 20 january 2003 year)
29.12.2002 17:52:05
David Haydon, davidlhaydon@hotmail.com,
What a lovely site!!Hopefully i will be on the fide list soon in the 2600 ratings!! I am gradually improving!! I play at chess.net my handle is 13thwarrier!! I also Play at chessclub.com im davidhaydon there Hope to see YOu playing me someday!!! Im sure we will meet. chess is fun to play!! :)
19.12.2002 13:09:24
Gregory Granger, aragorn@mindspring.com,
Chess is Life!
18.12.2002 15:09:24
Yevgen, grinis@web.de,
I like this web site very much.
Please visit also my gratis internet chess school.
Here you can distinct improve your chess ability. Convenient for all chess friends.
07.12.2002 18:49:17
Bill Thomas, challenger34@hotmail.com,
Let's play.
05.12.2002 16:59:44
in.talkd, talkd@zooma.org,
Cool site! 8)
22.11.2002 07:59:43
Dr. Daaim Shabazz, The Chess Drum, webmaster@thechessdrum.net,
Greetings from The Chess Drum!
Russia remains the Kings of the throne... but there will be an emergence very strong players to come from unsuspecting countries.
Best wishes to GM Alexander Khalifman!
Daaim Shabazz, The Chess Drum
19.11.2002 19:31:02
John Tobisch, warriormystic50@hotmail.com,
Hello.I love your chess site.I hope to come to St.Petersburg to attend the chess school.I have always dreamed of improving my ches.
I have the same birthday as Khalifman!!!
I am doing articles that mis chess and astrology.You can check me out at chess ninja
(yahoo.com).Or you can type Jamaican chess.
I am a leading chess coach in Jamaica and I also follow theory.Right now Iam developing a theory of Total Chess.
All the best take care.
17.11.2002 17:20:57
Agus Wibowo, agus_wibowo@wiratman.co.id,
I really love chess!!!
12.10.2002 03:18:55
Alan Beck, alan.beck@gte.net,
Perhaps you have descriptions of for sale items somewhere on your site, but I couldn't find where if you do indeed have them. So if they are somewhere, I'd suggest a more prominent link to them. The logical place would be to just be able to click on the item listed in 'Shop.'
Of course if you don't have descriptions anywhere, I'd suggest adding them, as it would be helpful in making buying decisions. E.g., I just ordered volume 5 of the Kramnik opening series. I was able to do that even without a description, since I already have the first three volumes. While in your 'shop' I saw a number of interesting looking items ('Anthology of Chess Beauty' was one such) that I might well have added to my order if I could have gotten a bit more information about them.
Well, just a thought. This is only a suggestion that might increase your sales. I still like your site, and appreciate what you are doing for chess.
07.10.2002 22:46:29
Peter, pr1uk@excite.com,
what a great site, cant think of better words.
06.10.2002 17:29:24
Rohan, rohanall4u@yahoo.com,
This is my Favourite site i like it very much and the most i like on the site is the position of the day.
05.10.2002 18:20:41
Dr. Gabriele Diekert, b8diga@uni-jena.de,
Nice chess site. Unfortunately, games cannot be downloaded from the game base :-(
Dr. G. Diekert
05.10.2002 13:22:19
Mark, abstractshell@yahoo.com,
You guys really need to get a decent editor - the English on this site is very bad!
02.10.2002 19:36:45
John, Not@giving.it,
I don't know if the webmasters read these, but regards the article on the main page, it's Guinness, not Ginnes. Take it from an Irishman.
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