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White to move and win.


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03.12.2003 17:31:01
darryl, darryl.tillman@virgin.net,
Your position of the day is something I always look forward too, however, I would be really impressed if you made the archive of your past daily positions available, twill keep my children busy for hours.
03.12.2003 16:20:10
Andrew, Andy@hotmail.com,
Chess is cool
02.12.2003 04:43:48
wave dorman, wavedorman@yahoo.com,
send membership info for my comrades.
24.11.2003 01:57:44
Алексей, bykov2002@mail.ru,
Александру Халифману.
В какой школе Фрунзенского района Вы учились?
19.11.2003 12:59:29
Daniel Amechi, dan_amechi@yahoo.com,
I love ur website. Am also a good player of Chess and love to take part in any chess game competion. Please if you have any chess competion on the internet or physical competion, I will like to be part of it.
07.11.2003 09:46:17
Mr.MS, mrms@yandex.ru,
Здравствуйте! Открылся новый сайт о шахматах, заходите...www.inetchess.narod.ru
И не забывайте заглядывать в чат, там всегда много интересного.
23.10.2003 11:18:18
Rose Marie Stutts, Director, Freedom Chess Academy, rmstutts@bama.ua.edu,
I teach chess to innercity children at no charge. The best and most versitile book I've found for working with beginners from kindergarten through senior citizens is POLGAR's CHESS:5334 endgames,& combinations.

Alas the $9.95 paperback edition has gone out of print right when we need it most.
I would like to ask chess players to donate their old copies to the Freedom chess Academy when they are finished with them. We need them and the hardbacks are too expensive and too heavy for small children to handle.
Rose Marie Sturtts
Freedom Chess Academy
18.10.2003 12:39:02
mugu, mugu@mugu.com,
mugu i ydh jodo
12.10.2003 07:54:27
Carlos Andr? Coimbra de Almeida, capelanet@ig.com.br,
Visitem la p?gina brasileira de ajadrez
09.10.2003 18:44:32
Rovedo, Salomon, rovedod10@hotmail.com,
Escritor e jogador de xadrez amateur, membro do Clube de Xadrez Guanabara, pronto para fazer contato com qualquer aficionado...
09.10.2003 01:25:18
Anders, anders.loven@telia.com,
I have enjoyed the Kramnik-book-series a lot.
Have you considered providing an update service for that repertoar?
I think you would find a lot of potential customers for that.
Regards / Anders
01.10.2003 23:02:01
shekhar, csheku@indiatimes.com,
The games data base is excellent.But why you are
not keep it yearwise?Almost all games are of 2001
or before & we are in now 2003.Can you please update it
21.09.2003 13:47:15
Tao, rushhat@hotmail.com,
It's a really good chess website.
ButI am just wondering why the games in the page of GAME BASES can NOT be downloaded.The page is only refreshed after I clicking "PGN-zip".Why? it's so strange!!I hope to get your answer soon. Thank you!!
20.09.2003 23:45:17
Oddvar, Oddvar_Raugstad@hotmail.com,
I am also wondering how many books Anand's repertoire will be? And is one book only good enough coverage of karpovs defence as black?
16.09.2003 09:48:21
Андрей, ialexdom@mtu-net.ru,
Приглашаю в призовые шахматные турниры на сайте Международного гроссмейстера Эльмиры Мирзоевой
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