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01.03.2004 16:34:29
jose adelmo, jose_adelmo@yahoo.com.br,
very good site of chess.
28.02.2004 19:50:56
Tainan Tomaz, tainan.pt@bol.com.br,
24.02.2004 12:19:52
test, test,
20.02.2004 21:16:44
malcolm peskoff, malbase@optonline.net,
Can you add the games of Joseph Dorfman, and Valentin Checkov.
Thank You.
02.02.2004 17:51:17
PRASHANT SAWANT, prash555_in@hotmail.com,
Dear Sir,
I am Prashant Sawant, residing at Mumbai-India, age 32. I have designed a chess variant.
I can just describe it as a chess of the new millenium. It is on the website--
Please give me your comments on it. If you like it then please tell me.
I also want your help in getting it marketed. I think that it has a good business potential.
You play it and you will also like it. Could you help me in getting it sold ?
Please help me if you can. Can you suggest me something ?
Best Regards,
02.02.2004 12:27:05
MINJA, James, wangu@yours.com,
Oops! I just new to this site. But I appreciate all the effort.
26.01.2004 09:50:13
Christopher Conrad, checkm8great@yahoo.com,
Someday I will become a grandmaster. I bet my life on it.
25.01.2004 22:42:15
Arruda Filho, Ivo, ipaf@bol.com.br,
Muito paz,saude, vitorias e conquistas a todos os enxadristas
16.01.2004 15:17:49
NEW SYSOP MIkhail, inito@gmchess.com,
Hello to all! I am very glad to see u here! New version of this site will come! Please! I f u have a ideal- write me!
With best regards, Mikhal
09.01.2004 08:04:14
Jeffery, gaufroi@hotmail.com,
In your book ordering list, when one selects to buy all four Tal volumes (which come at a discount) the link is incorrect. Instead it puts a collection of Alekhine's games in the "shopping cart". Please rectify this. Otherwise one will have to buy the Tal volumes individually, but without a discount. Thanks so much.
08.01.2004 09:54:31
Bob Thorn, ausican@hotmail.com,
Just logged on for the first time. Hope to play interesting games here. 5 or ten minute games is not chess, in my opinon. Chess and all of its complexities deserves deep thought from worthy opponents and I hope to learn more about chess here.
06.01.2004 20:58:01
Robert Smith, pgnchess2004@yahoo.com,
Convert your Yahoo! Annotated games to PGN format.
PGN Converter
05.01.2004 11:18:51
A.J. Goldsby I (http://www.lifemasteraj.com), LifeMasterAJ@yahoo.com,
A very good site, your site is my featured "Site of The Month" for January, 2004.
Keep up the good work, I would love to see more annotated games!
Thanks - a fan.
09.12.2003 21:17:35
DavidHaydon, DavidlHaydon@hotmail.com,
WOW, isnt this an amazing site everybody? this is the best chess site on the web, you can find many things on here, well done to the guys that made this site. chess rules ... and Can i get online lessons from a well known master.? thanks david
08.12.2003 00:31:19
Arman Sabciyan, ASabciyan@lycos.com,
Hello,I am the webmaster of http://computerchess.homestead.com/arman.html
which has given a link to your extraordinary
site.I do follow with great interest the content specially the database.Is there a way of classifying the games according to openings?
Thank You and Best of Success,
Arman Sabciyan
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