World Chess Championship

Chess is a complete mind game and to play chess one needs to possess a strong mind. WCC or World Chess Championship is a tournament that is conducted every year to determine the Chess champion. The first chess championship was conducted in 1886, at that time the match was played between the two magical mind chess players. One was from Europe (Johann Zukertort) and the second was from United States of America (Wilhelm Steinitz), they set certain rules in order to participate in the World Chess Championship.

To participate in the Championship or to become a champion the player (challenger) needs to defeat the champion after setting the considerable stakes. This was the requirement for the new championship from 1886 – 1946 but after that the World Chess Championship was controlled and monitored by FIDE from 1948-1993.

In 1993, the current Champion (Garry Kasparov)of World Chess Championship left World Chess Federation (FIDE). This act causes the evolution of PCA championship, the biggest rival of FIDE.


There are different World Chess Championship’s titles and are:

  • World Chess Championship: This is the main championship in which the players under the age of 60 years can participate and can challenge the current champion.
  • Women’s Chess Championship: In this World Chess Championship, Women chess players under the age of 50 years can take part.
  • Junior World Chess Championship: In this World Chess Championship, chess players under the age of twenty years can take part only). If the current Junior World Chess Champion exceeds the age then the player needs to leave the title and can join the Senior WCC.
  • Senior World Chess Championship: This tournament of World Chess Championship is for the senior players only that is men over the age of sixty years and women over the age of 50 years.
  • Computer World Chess Championship: A part from human Vs Human Chess Championship, another Chess Championship is Computer World Chess Championship that is conducted with these championships. This is the one and only Championship in which the computer can take part against the human Chess Champion.
  • Norway's Magnus Carlsen (C) gestures next to his trophy after clinching the FIDE World Chess Championship in the southern Indian city of Chennai November 25, 2013. Carlsen replaces India's Viswanathan Anand as world chess champion. REUTERS/Babu (INDIA - Tags: SPORT CHESS) - RTX15SEC

Before the finance for the tournament was arranged by the challenger or by both the chess challenger and the current world chess champion at that time from 1984 – 1986. People do finance at that time, either from the challenger’s side or from the chess champion defender side. At the end of the match, the winner’s financer gets half of the winning amount and winner gets the remaining half payment. While the runner-up gets noting back.

The finance is the key of any game but at that time there were no official financers to run the tournament, so the players needs to manage their own expanses including travel, accommodation, food and health. So these finance managements are paid through the shares of the people they spend in terms of getting reward on winning.

Currently in the World Chess Championship there are two main events that are organized by FIDE and PCA.

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