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“Life is like a chess game – you don’t want to waste a move”

-Bing Gordon, Tech Summit 2013 (Chicago Ideas Week)

Either in person or through an online platform, chess is part of the life of professionals and amateurs who love doing brain gymnastics, think of strategies and make both planned and surprise movements within a board. Chess is a game that requires a high level of concentration, an aim to improve your intellectual development and enjoy solving problems through strategic thinking. It is played for millions of people around the world; and within the Internet boom around the world, it is now more available and easier to play and to participate in international tournaments or championships through this platform.


Chess tournaments can be played through different international websites and platforms that organize championships, forums and recaps for every kind of chess lovers. They have divisions depending on your learning stages, the duration of the tournament, the opponent (which can be a computer as well), and even thematic options.

Upcoming Tournaments:

Upcoming chess tournaments starts mainly by October 1st in with up to 10 simultaneous games occurring at the time and different competitions occurring depending on your rating rage, which is defined by the time you complete a game and after completing several number of plays. Championships regarding “The end of the World” and “Open Tournaments” are already taking place for current users who love playing chess.

Other platform where you can play a real tournament is https://gameknot.com/ a site with monthly tournaments for players from casual skills to grandmasters. Within this site, you should register yourself and grow your rating with each finished game.

Previous Tournaments:

In both online tournaments platforms you are able to see the results and the participants of the past tournaments, with some statistics and data regarding the performance of the players, the time involved the games and the player’s resume. In addition, the second platform mentioned, allows you to revise the plays and the movements during the tournaments, in order to help improve your learning skills, and to analyze different chess situations. The results of the tournaments from the last month until the past years can be found within those sites.


Online Tournaments:

Online chess has become a great way to build chess lover communities, to improve skills and to learn about different strategies within the practice and personal growth through the platforms. It allows people to prepare against people from all over the world and even when the World Chess Federation (FIDE) stills prepares only presently championships they are currently implementing systems to track and view the tournaments online. So maybe in the future we will be able to have an online tournament organized directly by them.

As many authors have cited “life is like a chess game”; either online or offline, chess is a remarkable both mental and physical game. It is proved to increase people’s intelligence and capabilities in solving problems, and Internet’s advantages, let people practice and compete to each other without countries distinction, language or distance.

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Hi, I believe no one out there hates over-smartness. In other words, everyone loves to out-smart others persons present in the same role. And chess is all about out-smartness. You can never be fully professional at chess because of the same reason

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