May 8, 2001

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  • Improving chess skills

    One teacher will be allocated to you. You may make a request for increasing your rating ranges (for instance, 1800 to 2000 or 2000 to 2200), and we will choose a teacher for you according to this information. The procedure is as follows: you send us your 10-20 games. Your teacher analyses them, determines your weak points, for instance: strategic understanding of positions, tactic skills, play in the opening or ending, an ability to choose candidate moves and to built a tree of lines. After this, the teacher sends you the games back, pointing out the mistakes and gives you recommendations for improving your play, i.e. what areas you should improve at first, and gives you a homework. Each lecture consists of the lecture part and the homework task. NOTE: the price is stated per one lecture.

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    "Always try to keep the three pawns in front of your castled king on their original squares as long as possible"

    Alexander Alekhin

    "As much choice as possible in intervening on one or on the other wing - a discussion on thecentre."

    Euwe, Strategy and Tactics in Chess.

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