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Jun 22,2002

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Lecture 1.

Part 1. Introduction.


The recent archaeological researches permit to state that the chess was invented in the land of Atlantica. Although the real proofs for the existence of that civilization has not been discovered yet, I have no doubts that the Atlantes could play chess. Russian chess master Yuri Ryzhkov even does not consider any other hypothesis but the abovementioned one. I do like it too. I think the people of Atlantica were cunning, but I am sure we can play not worse than they could.

The final part of the game from Moscow blitz chess championship is the example that starts the study in the unique school.

DIAGRAM 1. GM V.Simaghin v NM G.Chepukaitis


A resolute move. Now Black has little choice: 1...gxf6 will be met by 2.Bxd5, 1...Nf6 is followed by 2. Bxb7.


Black's Queen can hardly be envied. It is impossible to move aside v the mate on the last rank would be off the point. 2...Qe4 would be worth a try: 3.Ne1 Rc1 4.f3 (the only move) Rxe1 5.Kf2 Re3! 6.Qa4 gf6 7.Qa7 Re7 8.Qb8 Kg7 9.Qg3 Kf8 10.Qb8= isn't it a draw? Well, then Black's Knight charged "on bayonets":



Frankly speaking, Black's Knight position is very tottering v in the enemy's camp under the three strokes. However, during this move this Knight should remain alive v it is not good to be captured. For that reason the grandmaster, like a matador, stuck the last banderilla into the best creature of the chess fauna v

I think the nine of ten masters would do the same move.


Black's extra-special troops have come just in time!

4.gxf3 Rg5 5.Kh1 Bxf3#


My contribution into this success is not very much. But the Knight really deserves the monument for the victory in this battle. That hero introduced the background of the superficial desperation and resignation to the destiny but meanwhile it saved both Black's King and Queen, open the way for the ambush forces, took away "f1" square from White's King and hid the mating Bishop. All the "chess calculators" nowadays could hardly make such move as 2...Ne3!!??. Computers are not acquainted with risk yet.

The blunder 3.Bd4?? is the effect of the blitz-game character. Black's subversive activity has worked successfully just because of the time-trouble. White would have easily won that game if he had played 3.Bh4!, keeping under control the fatal "g5" square.

So, Black has well ridden the dashing horse of good luck much ahead of the common sense and exact calculation.

The improvisation, quick response, will power, energy and, certainly, knowledge and experience v all of them are necessary characteristics of any chess fighter. What you are reading now is not a chess manual but rather a sort of training aids to make an acquaintance with the specific genre and to make you think something over. We are going for a short tour into the area of the "speed chess", and your chances to defeat the most titled and resourceful opponents will necessarily improve.

Lecture 1. Part 2.

Bulat, Ante - Janosevic, Dragoljub (Ljubljana, 1960) White to move and win.

"He who fears an isolated queen's pawn should give up chess". Siegbert Tarrasch

"The most powerful weapon in chess is to have the next move"! - David Bronstein

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