Новый рейтинг-лист FIDE
Искусство верховой езды. Светлой памяти Г.М. Чепукайтиса посвящается
"Петровская ладья"
положение турнира
Мемориал Петросяна,
Особенности национального спорта 2.


Bruno Berenguer,, 13-01-2005
I like this site. If you want more chess problems come on: Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day.
valery,, 12-01-2005
great site, 2005mugu@contact-directconnect.c, 07-01-2005
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So don't leave your email address on message boards!
Mikhail, INITO@, 30-12-2004
Hello! to all! Очень рад что смог приложить часть усилий для роста игры Ани:)
Очень мощный рывок - в апреле еще кандидат в мастера ..а теперь GM!
Good luck! Happy new year!
Antonio Ernesto Gillot,, 19-12-2004

The Sargissian-Khalifman game from de
Petrosian Memorial Tournament gave me great
delight: After all that mumble-dumble in chess
literature about Tarrasch -his lack of ima-
gination, his dogmatism, etc.-, except for
the moves 5. ..., h6; 6. Bh4, ... the game
went for 14 moves like the Tarrasch-Leonhardt
game at Ostende Tournament, 1905.
Robert Beatty,, 09-12-2004
Dear Grandmaster Khalifman, recently i ,patzer that i am, have detected the propensity on your part to not give your precious gift to the world regarding theory. I love your games. When you are fighting some of the most beautiful games are given to the world to enjoy. Please start to fight again.
Willem Leenen,, 01-12-2004
I just heard about mr Chepukaitis. My condolences to the friends and family of G.Chepukaitis. The world has lost an extraordinary player."I play chess like it's a movie. Lot's of speeding with cars,shooting, you know" he once told me during a lesson in st Petersburg. His extravagant playing style will not be forgotten. Russia has lost a legend.

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