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Tim O., 22-01-2001
This is a really well designed chess site. Nice balance of graphics and text where the information is laid out in a clean, easy-to-read manner. Congratulations on a GREAT site!
Karl-Iversen Lapp, 07-11-2000
CONGRATULATION, Mr. Khalifman, for winning the great gm tourny!!
Achbold,, 01-11-2000
Good job, One of the greatest chess site I ever seen! Good luck!
Juan-Jose Portillos, 26-10-2000
Excellent graphics. This is clearly a professional undertaking. I think your site is very interesting and I am confident you will be very successfull in your endeavour. Warm Regards, from Mexico.
Mike Willner,, 18-10-2000
For the last several months I have attempted to re-enter the world of serious chess, a world I left 25 years ago. I am having problems getting focused, even wth the wealth of info in books/software/online resources. I was hoping to find some real, live guidance here. Great looking site, and I hope I find what I seek.
Ron London,, 14-10-2000
My commendations to your web masters: The best looking chess web site by far! Your content is also very good, and I have made your site my home page. I have also been clicking on your banner ads, as I hope that will help keep your site up and RUNNING. Keep up the great work!
Jude Acers/New Orleans,Louisiana,, 03-10-2000
Grandmaster Chess School brings great honor to chess to say nothing of a genuine world chess champion Mr. A. Khalifman who has a dead equal score( four ferocious draws) with world number one rated player G. Kasparov. Mr. Khalifman is a money player, pure and simple.Forget rating systems,cash only. Mr. Khalifman is the real world champion period.He played the top 100 available players in the world with no excuses and brings St. Petersburg. Russia the best. Jude Acers-Chesslab/ New Orleans, Louisiana

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