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John Tobisch,, 21-02-2003
Hi everyone .You can check out my articles
It will soon be the leading Jamaican website
on chess.
Back to the lab without a pawn to grab!!!!
John Tobisch,, 17-02-2003
Hi.Greetings to GM Khalifman.I wish him the very best for 2003.I hope to come in August
and attend the GM Chess School.Take care.
May Alexander Khalifman burst through the 2700
rating barrier.
Chess Vision Trainer,, 11-02-2003
Think like a grandmaster! Chess Vision Training System at
Garry Kasparov Photos,, 09-02-2003
An exclusive look into Garry Kasparov #1 Chess Player as he plays Deep Junior in a six game match ultimatly ends in a stalemate.
Could he beat Deep junior if he really tryed?
Or did he walk off early with a draw so he can get the Xtra $250,000.00?
You decide!
Also The game he lost against Karpov in New York City.
Several hundered images.
You wil feel like your at the event.
Please tell your friends about this
CHESS MOM ,, 03-02-2003
Thanking you in advance for your attention and support regarding this matter. I'm looking for an art & craft project, that would enable youths (ages 5-17) to create their own CHESS SET - making the CHESS pieces and board out of ceramic materials.
A large number of youths, in the community and public housing development where I live, have expressed an interest for the game of CHESS. I want to support and encourage these youths to take pride in their interest for CHESS; therefore I'm planning to initiate the organizing of a "Community-Youth Chess Club". After discussing my initiative with my 10 year old son and a few of his friends, I learned that they are interested in creating and personalizing their own CHESS SET. They want to be very different, and decided that ceramic pieces would enable them to be very creative.
In my continuous effort to be a positive influence for my son, and other community youths, I'm requesting that you email me any beneficial information.
Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
BROTHER,, 01-02-2003
Hi Brothas!
This site is great, now I know a thing or 2 about chess - all others are just damn stupid ads!!!
Chess Technologies,, 30-01-2003
Chess Vision Trainer @

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