Новый рейтинг-лист FIDE
Искусство верховой езды. Светлой памяти Г.М. Чепукайтиса посвящается
"Петровская ладья"
положение турнира
Мемориал Петросяна,
Особенности национального спорта 2.


Tryfon,, 14-05-2004
Dear GM Chess
I have always been impressed by the quality of this website, and the advanced material you offer. Keep up the great work!
Khalifman is a truly talented player and thoroughly deserved to win the FIDE World championship.
Best wishes
Tryfon Gavriel from UK
Challenge me for an online chess game at
Poloff,, 02-05-2004
Св РАЗШ приглашает в финал по электронной почте первенства Свердловской области шахматистов с ИК не ниже 2350.
Подробности на
John Sorg,, 27-04-2004
I have neen labled a CLASS A player and yet I still don't know what it means
Kenneth Bradley Smith,, 19-04-2004
Dear GM Chess,
It has long been my knowledge that for years you have been one if not the largest internet chess sites for the serious player. Due to this fact you may be pleased to know and let your other members know that I Ken Smith's (of the Smith-Mora Gambit and Chess Digest fame) son is back to run and revive Chess Digest. It is my hope to revive my past love for chess and learn in order to carry on my father's name and business. It is my hope to make Chess Digest all that it can be as a resource and supplier of chess knowledge to the world. You can contact me for now at I will be arriving at Chess Base USA this weekend in Alabama to work with Don Maddox. If you wish to order books please go to Thank you, and good Chess!
Brad Smith
David C. Barless II,, 17-04-2004
Greetings from Garden City, MI, USA!
Joseph Christian M. Viсegas,, 15-04-2004
Greetings! Philipine Chess is quite politically affected these days. Mostly affected by controversies but I hope things will be resolved. Regards!
CLAUDIO CABRERA,, 06-04-2004
Estimado Alexander:
Me hes grato mandarte un gran saludo desde Chile y mis felicitaciones por tu portal, es muy interesante su base de datos pero podria ser actualizada como sugerencia, especialmente tus partidas ya que son muy interesantes aparte que soy un ferviente fans tuyo y sigo tus compromisos deportivos por internet.
bueno deseandote futuros exitos en tu carrera y ojala algun dia vuelvas a ser Campeon Mundial.
Claudio Cabrera
Santiago de Chile

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