Новый рейтинг-лист FIDE
Искусство верховой езды. Светлой памяти Г.М. Чепукайтиса посвящается
"Петровская ладья"
положение турнира
Мемориал Петросяна,
Особенности национального спорта 2.


Eli,, 21-09-2004
We will miss you Chepuikaites.. you had great ideas... and played the wildest positions I have seen... winning games that looked so lost.. and out of the blue the smoke settles and you were on top.. I am sure even now when the dust settles you will still be on top.. :)
Dimitri Reinderman,, 20-09-2004
I agree with Sune Berg Hansen, he played a lot of interesting games on ICC. My condoleances for everyone who misses him.
Megastar,, 17-09-2004
Hello sir, when did you release, white according to Anand 3rd Book
M. Fedorov,, 16-09-2004
Умер очень жизнерадостный человек... его искрометный юмор помогал жить в этом жестоком мире...ушла эпоха...
Sune Berg Hansen ,, 12-09-2004
I never met Chepuikaitis in person and I never spoke to him (he didn't speak english and I don't speak russian). Nevertheless I still feel I know him very well after playing more than 200 blitzgames with him (Smartchip) at ICC. I feel sad about his premature and sudden death. He had an interesting and original chessstyle and was one of the true blitzchess-gladiators. I will miss him.
Шапошников Е.,, 06-09-2004
Нет слов.Умер Генрих Михайлович Чепукайтис...
Eugen Grinis,, 04-09-2004
Very nice website indeed!
Best wishes

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