X3D Fritz - Kasparov, Garry (2830)
X3D Man-Machine World Championship (New York USA), 11/13/2003

Round 2 [Monitor]

Welcome again! Although I'm a bit bored of different "MAN-MACHINE" events and I would rather prefer commenting Gary's game vs. Ruslan still it's a great show and anyway much better than nothing at all! First moves aren't too hard to predict, in my opinion: 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 - but still let's wait for a while...
1. e4 e5 The show must go on! Garry used to play 1....c5 by now
2. Nf3 Now 2...d6 looks like a right choice
2. ... Nc6 Not now!
3. Bb5 Nf6 Berlin!!? 4. d3 Now I'd bet on the MAN!!! In such a game that's a mistake! Anyway oe must play 4.0-0! and then study the last book by...
4. ... d6  5. c3 g6  6. O-O Bg7  7. Nbd2 O-O  8. Re1 Out of the library - standard Ruy Lopez position - quite playablee for both So many moves might be played - I'd recommend 8....h6
8. ... Re8 A new one/ However, Berlin Wall expert Alexey Aleksandrov preferred 8.... a6 in this position (I still insist on 8...h6)
9. d4 Right to the machine's conceipt - direct encounter as soon as possible!
9. ... Bd7 surprisingly quickly - however, provoking to close the center. Closed pawn center usually favours the human player - certainly Garry knows it.
10. d5 After a long think either - machine is not willing to close the center/
10. ... Ne7 Now good Ruy Lopez (AND MACHINERY) choice would be to save the bishops like 11.Bd3!?
11. Bxd7 Nxd7 However!?! Now if machine wouldn't stop next 3 moves like h7-h6 & f7-f5-f4 it will be in trouble...
12. a4 h6 Let's look what is going on - the closed centre makes machine astray whatever Garry says...
13. a5 a6 Now f7-f5-f4 will make the show (with forthcoming mate attack on the kingside) - please take your seats!
14. b4 f5 Now the machine's only chance is to play 15.exf5 or it will be baaaad!
15. c4 Nf6 A little bit provocative one more time - but the guy surely knows what he does!
[15. ... f4!? ]
16. Bb2 Fairly bad as it might be expected. Now Black might finish the game with kingside attack! Now Black must play 16...f4! and run!
[16. exf5 gxf5  17. Rb1 quite unclear but in my opinion favours machine]
16. ... Qd7 Typical anti-computer. Garry speculates on the fact White doesn't want to take e4xf5
[16. ... f4  17. c5 g5 ]
17. Rb1 As a matter of fact I didn't like Black's last move. Now after c4-c5xd6 & Nd2-c4-b6 Black's Q will be attacked. Still I believe in Garry's talent! Let's wait...
17. ... g5 Did something go wrong for Garry or???
18. exf5 is very natural
18. ... Qxf5 Now 19.Nf1 is quiet good occupying e4-square
19. Nf1 Now Black must suffer - sorry for a human race - at least for Garry
19. ... Qh7 Still fighting for e4-square. Not a big chance...20.N3d2 is expected - White is on top!
20. N3d2 Still 20....Nf5 and Black might be OK
20. ... Nf5  21. Ne4 Now Black must be worse somehow but White lacks some dynamic improvements Actually Black must take on e4 to avoid another White Knight here
21. ... Nxe4  22. Rxe4 h5  23. Qd3 over-protecting e4 if machine can understand this Now Garry will have hard times - I bet. Now he can regret about missed f5-f4 chance - but still too late...
23. ... Rf8  24. Rbe1 Everything clear - everything correct - and ready to occupy e4-square with the knight
24. ... Rf7 c4-c5 might be just in time
25. R1e2 Slowly but... who knows Actually after I looked at this position I understood that Black has enough counterchances - bravo Garry! However, we all thought you'd be playing more aggressively
25. ... g4 Attackka!!? However I can imagine Gary having fun in thus positional attack
26. Qb3 Raf8 Now b4-b5 is required
27. c5 No comment - typical machine play As you see this is nowhere to go! 27...Qg6!? is a normal human move
27. ... Qg6 Now White is under some pressure. The problem is not White's position is worse but thhat machine "thinks"" it's better for some reason...
28. cxd6 I would better not comment on computer moves - this is the one I don't understand at all.
28. ... cxd6  29. b5 axb5  30. Qxb5 Now h5-h4-h3 and what's up???
30. ... Bh6 Too clasic but might be due to time-scramble
[30. ... h4!? ]
31. Qb6 Threatening Bb2Xe5
31. ... Kh7  32. Qb4 It's "computer logic" - preventing h5-h4 - however, it doesn't help
32. ... Rg7? Errare humanum est
[32. ... Kg8 ]
[32. ... Rc7 ]
33. Rxe5 dxe5  34. Qxf8 Nd4  35. Bxd4 exd4  36. Re8 Rg8 37.Qe7 wins
37. Qe7+ Rg7  38. Qd8 Rg8 please call Garry's cellphone
39. Qd7+ Whenever -human played better - but lost - what to do????