Mar 6, 2001

This time the worthiness of the fourteenth World Champion remained above suspicion: 5,5/6. In the last round he proposed a draw to the Dutch grandmaster, so Timman finished second. Galkin was third, and Judith Polgar scored even less. The champion did not give us the treat of discussing chess novelties - he simply managed to cope without any. He will have an opportunity to reveal his secrets at the chief tournament of the year. The knock-out championship begins soon, and A. Khalifman is certainly going to do his best again. Meanwhile, chess super stars play separately, nearly maintaining an equality in the match Kasparov - Kramnik: the score 4:5 does not allow to make a certain forecast of the result of this match.

"And his six pawns were scattered like the ships of the Armada that should have conquered England; the Lord blew, and they were all isolated."

-Hans Kmoch, Groningen 1946 tournament book

"Nowadays, when you're not a grandmaster at 14, you can forget about it."

Anand Vishwanathan

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