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Aug 16,2002

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Capablanca was right

Linares 2001 is the most peaceful event in the history of this traditional tournament. Hardly signor Rentero can be satisfied with the spirit which prevails now at the small super tournament. There are no World Champions there. Neither Kramnik, nor Anand play there, the latest exchange-Champion Khalifman does not play too, as well as Svidler and other monsters with ELOs 2700+. We hope at least the weather is good there.

The running-in of the star of the last knock-out Championship Grischuk goes OK. The boy does not lose. Kasparov adorns the stage of Linares 2001 with his participation but he does not win too… We somehow were waiting for him to win. Well, perhaps the second round-robin will show more ambitions and passions.

So far players are ill with draw illness. Fans don’t welcome such chess. Mere chess amateurs are unable to understand now what happens in games of top players. Grandmasters fight at the front line of the opening theory, and ordinary mortals are unable to follow them. The tournament in Wijk aan See had at least certain intrigue this year, but the present event even can’t brag about one. If the 13th World Champion wins it, nobody will appraise this accomplishment very high. If he won’t win, then still this won’t be a disaster, just his rating will drop a little. This is the whole intrigue of the renowned Linares super tournament for this year.

It was Capablanca who predicted a drawing death of chess first. Well, it looks now as if he was not mistaken…

Genrikh Chepukaitis

"He who fears an isolated queen's pawn should give up chess". Siegbert Tarrasch

"The most powerful weapon in chess is to have the next move"! David Bronstein.

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