14th World Champion Alexander Khalifman present
Position of the day

White to move and win.



http://www.chess-mate.com/ - Excellent Indian resource.

http://www.chesscenter.com/twic/twic.html - TWIC. Best news source worldwide as ever. No need in additional comments for a chess web surfer.

http://correspondencechess.com/campbell/ - The Campbell Report - Primarily covers cc (correspondence chess). Articles, columns, cc news, crosstables of major USA cc tournaments and live coverage of cc games, many available for java replay.

http://www.gmsquare.com/ - Web site of GM Alexander Baburin, the author of the famous in the Chess Web CBC (Coffee Break Chess) newsletter.

http://www.msoworld.com/mindzine/news/chess/chess.html - Mind Sports Worldwide - Chess Section - Regularly updated chess news, weekly review of chess websites.

http://thechesshaven.homestead.com/ - This is the place to find a little bit of everything related to the wonderful and fascinating world of chess.

http://www.pakchess.com/ - We got everything that you can think about.

http://www.enroque.com/ - Personal homepage, contents: links, book reviews, news, forum, theory (openings, middlegame and endings), chess games. In spanish languaje.

http://www.chess.gr/ - Hellas Chess Club - Chess Portal

http://www.chess.vrsac.com - Unique FIDE rating search, tournament tables, games and photos, computer chess articles.


http://www.chessclub.com/ - ICC (Internet Chess Club) - commercial chess server; still it's worth it! A lot of strong players around every night. Tournament comments; simuls; blitz events make chess life on ICC really entertaining.

http://www.freechess.org/ - FICS (Free Internet Chess Server)

http://www.playchess.de/ - Rated email chess tournaments with a web interface.

http://www.worldchessnetwork.com - World Chess Network: for players ranging from novice to International Grandmaster. Daily live lectures, Banter Chess, other activities and features for all to enjoy.

http://www.chessboss.com/ - Online Chess Games - Chess Software

http://www.ichessu.com/ - Online Chess Games, Chess Learning. Download to learn chess online at IchessU! The #1 place for learning chess in an interactive way! Download Chess learning platform to help you to learn & play chess in a class room style with the chess mentors through their multi-path real-time interactive virtual classroom.


http://www.fide.org - FIDE official web site. The official FIDE website

http://www.infcom.it/fsi - The site of the Italian Chess Federation

http://lrchessclub.netfirms.com/index.html - The Loch Raven Chess Club Home Page. A fun place to play chess in the Baltimore area.


http://www.sahovski.co.yu - Famous Chess Informant

http://www.geocities.com/alekhine_gotw - A site dedicated to Alekhine's Defense (1. e4 Nf6). Annotated games, analysis, message board, large game collections and more!

http://www.chesspublishing.com/ - Opening theory site, thousands of annotated games, over 60 downloadable chess opening eBooks, with monthly updates, twelve of the world's leading chess opening authors.


http://www.newinchess.com - NiC (New in Chess) - as a matter of fact, not only link collection. Notes by A.Khalifman: This is website of the world's best chess magazine. Their chess links' collection is really great. Certainly NIC website offers much more. At a first glance one can decide that they went too commercial. Maybe it's close to truth but at least they have really good stuff to offer.

http://www.chessopolis.com - Comprehensive and up-to-date guide to all of the chess related stuff on the internet.

http://www.chesslinks.org - The main feature there now is the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame, with a page for all the inductees.

http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~goeller/urusov/links/index.html - Categorized links to online chess resources, featuring The Best of the Web for Chess, Beginner Sites, Opening Analysis, Chess History, and much more.


http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/rjpawlak/ch_widow.html - #1 Choice for Free Chess Software Reviews


http://www.bingohideout.co.uk/the-ultimate-chess-strategy-and-tactics-guide.html - The Ultimate Chess Strategy and Tactics Guide

http://www.chessebook.com/ - Chess Training Online - Here you'll find lessons in chess tactics, thousands of chess combinations, chess openings and games database, lectures, some chess history and games of all World Championships. All information on our site is given in 3 Languages: English, German and Russian. You can coach yourself online!

http://www.chess-books-online.com - Chess Books Online: Chess books about chess openings, chess middlegames, chess endgames and many other chess related topics!

http://w.p.c.tripod.com/ - Website of GM Valery Salov

http://www.edami.com/ - GM Miguel Illescas School

http://www.worldchesscup.com - World Chess Cup 2000 in Shenyang

http://www.hsk1830.de - Hamburger SK

http://w-w-w.com/nyopen/ - New York Open - the official web site for strongest Open tournament in the U.S.

http://www.deportesmerida.gob.mx/magistral2000/ - Masters Chess Tournament of the City of Merida, Yucatan, the first American Capital of Culture.

http://play.at/duttonchess - Canada's top organizer of FIDE and CFC rated "International" events. Runs professionally organized, monthly CFC-rated Toronto Chess Tournaments.

http://www.in-trier.de/~quisinsky - Frank`s Chess Page

http://www.very-best.de/ChessWorld.htm - Chess Contest, Search Engine and much more

http://www.jonkman.demon.nl - Chess site of GM Harmen Jonkman, with tournament information, tournament reports, and the best international tournament calendar on the web!

http://www.sfu.ca/~rjiganch - Personal homepage, which features chess related articles, reviews, exercises and personal information. A lot of instructional material! Canadian database available for download with almost 30,000 games.

http://skoraf.republika.pl/index.htm - Page to the chess-tournament Malbork Castle Cup. Malbork, this city with greatest on the world a gothic castle, and contest are played into his rooms.

http://www.wolffchess.com - Created and maintained by Grandmaster Patrick Wolff, former US Champion and author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess. For $20/year, you have access to hundreds of chess exercises, plus a regular instructional email.

http://www.janmatthies.info/chess/cvt/cvt.htm - Online step-by-step exercises which help you to increase your chess visualisation. It's FREE!

http://TestYourChess.com - Improve your chess with free interactive chess lessons. Find the Move puzzles help junior and adult chess players to improve their playing strength. Enjoyable checkmate and tactics puzzles.

http://www.geocities.com/akap8/chess.htm - Annotated chess games from the latest tournaments, openings by ECO codes,endgame strategy,linkshttp://www.geocities.com/matthew1585

http://www.trivia.com/trivia-games/trivia-quizzes.php - The biggest fun portal - enjoy playing trivia Quizzes at Trivia.com

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