May 6, 2001

Old horoscope - July 2000

Skyboard Horoscope 2 August 2000

The Dreamers

"The Dreamers" is a group of 12 people who gathered together for the purpose of turning an object in their dreams into material substance. Their membership was culled from various New Age philosophies: the Rosicrucians, Blavatsky Theosophists, Freemasons, Transcendental Meditation, and nouveau Christian groups as well.

It is taken for granted among such people that by combining and focusing their mental activities, they can influence human events. For example, lowering the crime rate in Washington, D.C., preventing airline disasters, or healing a sick friend.

The Dreamers were all skilled in the art of "lucid dreaming," that is, being aware that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. Apparently the group was formed after one of them placed a classified ad in a New Age magazine. Their goal was to dream the same dream together: they would dream of a workshop where they were all together creating a chess set. (Chess was chosen, I am told, as a "test" item. If successful, the next experiment would be something less innocent.) Once the set was completed, it would then be translated from the dream world to the real world and become material substance, similar to other chess sets.

They all gathered together somewhere high up in the forests of Mount Shasta in California, which I understand has been considered a "sacred" site to New Age groups for at least a century. Sleeping and dreaming together at the same time is not easy for 12 people. It was at least several months before they managed even that much. Then they tried to direct their dreams to the workshop and the raw materials from which the chess set would be forged.

After a year had passed, all 12 finally managed to dream of the workroom and enter it together. (It hardly needs remarking that New Age people such as these do not typically hold regular jobs.) All the details of the room itself had to be dreamt as well: an anvil, furnace, hammers, chains, and other blacksmith tools. Each dreamer performed a specific task. One would carve pawns, another the kings, and so on. All agreed on the exact symmetrical shape of each piece. The material they used was redwood, and the finished pieces would be polished to the extent that each would have a brightly burning sheen, as if on fire.

After three years of dreaming, the chess set was completed. Each piece was meticulously examined to be sure nothing was missing. If even one millimeter of one piece had not been dreamt, the chess set would fail to become real. In the workroom, all examined the pieces and the board they had made and agreed everything was finished. Then, one by one, they left the workroom and awoke together.

On the third night after completion of their task, the leader saw a campfire above them, near a cluster of trees. The 12 climbed upward, fearing a forest fire might result from this unlikely campsite. But instead of fire they found the object of their dreams: the bright chess set basking in the reflected glow of the full moon in the sky above.

The dream hands that carved the dream pieces were now flesh that held the wooden kings and queens up for scrutiny. The Dreamers were overjoyed that their experiment had succeeded.

But within a week, the wooden pieces gradually became translucent, then transparent, and could no longer be seen or felt. Did they return to the dream world, or perhaps were recalled by heaven or hell? No one can say.

Naturally, The Dreamers' next step will be to create not more inanimate objects, but a living, heart-beating creature.


Chess Horoscope for August 2000

Aries (March 21 - April 19)
You will have a chance for something special the first week of August, but you'll blow it. Trouble hits you from both sides of the board. Too many leaks, too few fingers. The second week of the month, try to stay out of jail, and avoid road accidents, not to mention tough chess opponents. You are extremely vulnerable to disaster. The middle of August, go out and breathe the fresh air, dark clouds are gone. Give your chess friends a few ideas and some constructive criticism. Hit the clubs, the cafes, the tournaments, have some fun. After the 21st, watch your step. "Loose lips sink ships." Keep quiet and lay low. Study a few books. The final week of August, accept advice only from trusted friends. Don't ask the rabble for chess advice; they're too wrapped up in their own plans to be of any use to you right now.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
A lot of Tauruses scored well in chess tournaments at the end of July. The warm afterglow extends into August, you're still playing well, but growing a bit tired. The second week, go with your first impressions, don't analyse too deeply. Near the middle of the month, prepare for the March of the Idiots to parade in front of you, but the show won't last long. Wise mates usher them out and you sop up their knowledge to your advantage. Your glow is bright entering the final week of August. A great time to beat adversaries at chess! You make a name for yourself as a dangerous opponent. Fear grips your enemies. But sometime during the final week your impregnable fortress crashes and burns, but you land on your feet at the very end of the month.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
Too much chess, wine and women at the start of August and you're a wreck by the end of the first week. Can you handle attacks on both sides of the board as well as up the middle? Better be a good juggler. You pass the test by delivering checkmate. The second week, find the move that saves your position from confusion and despair. Your talent shines through and is put to practical use. The third week is the time to plan your next tournament, or play a few new openings. Harvest your creativity. The final week of August, align all your pawns in a row. Your future plan is outlined in detail. You know where you're going and how to get there. The March of your Soldiers is about to begin.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)
You have your ups and downs the first week of August. Some really tough losses combined with a few sensational brilliancies as well. The second week, you work at your boring job but can't think about anything but chess. Which one pays the rent? Anyway, do what you feel until payback on the 18th and 19th. Seek new heights for your chess career starting with the third week of August. The past is the past, don't let your former view of yourself hold you back. Don't believe ancient enemies can't be vanquished once and for all as you march upward and onward. The final week of the month, purge yourself of old habits. Throw away those old openings that don't work and have been holding you back. Play like a champion. Think like a champion. You are the champion, my friend!

Leo (July 23 - August 22)
What are they up to? How do you penetrate their defenses? Open the new month with deep thoughts to avoid zugzwang. The second week of August, play Sherlock Holmes and find out what they're plotting. You discover the secret and move accordingly. The third week, gather your friends and rally them to your point of view. Your alliance overpowers your foes. The final week, reap the spoils of a victorious war. The ladies love a General. A toast is offered for a job well done. "It's good to be the king."

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
As August begins, get your chess set out and get going! Play for money! Play in a big prize tournament! No troubles now, your moves flow smoothly from your fingers to your pieces to the chessboard. The second week, the party's over, tough decisions need to be made. Roll with the punches and you'll be ok. The third week, reinvestigate an unsolved problem--perhaps an opening variation or relations with "friends." Careful now, your "buddies" are not always what they seem. Expect to watch the March of the Traitors parade in front of you. Thought they were your friends, huh? The final week of the month circles back to the first. Tranquillity rubs your back and all seven of your seas are calm. You are rested and ready for September.

Libra (September 23 - October 23)
Have some fun as sunny August begins. But week two brings defeat as your ideas fall short and you have to pay your conqueror. On the schedule for week three is the March of the Sourpusses. Nothing you do is right to them; never do they do what they say. Things get better the final week, as you try to keep your mind balanced. A free pawn falls in your lap, don't ask why. The nonsense is over as September begins.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 21)
You display your broad repertoire as August opens. You have a flair for many styles: tactical, positional, strategic. The second week you go for the short-term rewards, anything that makes you feel good right now. Your magic deserts you but you find it again during week three. Don't let it blow up in your face. Control it, don't let it control you. The final week, a few arrows directed your way miss the mark. Your reputation as a General is restored.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
You're asleep the first week of the month, but you shine brightly the second week. Everyone notices your brightness. They want to be near, to feel the warmth of your glow. The third week, your little strategy is discovered and you pay the price. The slap on your face will smart for the rest of the month. You can't think straight; you play strange moves as if guided by another hand. The final week you greet Mr. Sandman and enter the night for a well-deserved rest. What you need is at hand, you must only choose it.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
Moderation is the watchword as August opens its door before you. Don't overdo it, too much of a good thing spoils it. The second week is the time for a few tricks. Complicate things, bluff your way to victory, swindle your way to the top. Your confidence and power grow with the third week. Play aggressively and watch your foes cower on the back rank. Defeat lurks during the final week of August. Play stable, conservative, logical chess. Recharge your batteries the final days of the month and prepare for September.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Stop playing weaker opponents. The first week of August, seek out stronger foes. You won't learn anything from those lunkheads. Get ready for the next tournament during the second week of the month. Prepare your openings, your plan of attack. Target your victims. The third week, avoid people who know you. Mix with strangers. Your name doesn't help you right now. There won't be any draws the final week. It's a quick crush or a humiliating defeat.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Show them how much you know. It will pay off big-time. Accept just criticism the second week. There's room for improvement. They welcome you back in the club, everything's ok again. You are a good imitation of a grandmaster during week three. Teach a girlfriend how the game is played. You pass through dangerous days the final week of August. Be ready for anything on or off the chessboard. Beware of daggers pointed in your direction. The game is only half over when you thought it was wrapping up. There's a lot of play left in the position. No time to rest now, there's still a lot of work.

- Mesmerini

We are grateful to MSO Worldwide for their kind permisson to reprint the horoscope and to publish here the original together with the translation into Russian.

Old horoscope - July 2000

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"Always try to keep the three pawns in front of your castled king on their original squares as long as possible"

Alexander Alekhin

"As much choice as possible in intervening on one or on the other wing - a discussion on thecentre."

Euwe, Strategy and Tactics in Chess.

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