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Sergey Ivanov

Sergey Ivanov ELO 2543, International Grandmaster.

A graduate from the Leningrad Pioneer Palace. Three times champion of Leningrad-Petersburg (1991, 1992, 1994), the winner of Club championships in Poland (1990), Russia (1992), Sweden (1999, 2000), the winner of the international tournament in Belsko-Byala (1989), Chelyabinsk (1991), Stockholm (2000), the winner of Club championships in Russia (2000).


Nikolay Yakovlev

An international master.
A teacher of additional education of the top category.
Experience in teaching - 25 years.
Among his students are: two time Russian champion among boys (not older than 14 years) E. Alexeev, some participants of the world and Russian championships, the winners of the St.Peterburg's championships among girls and boys of different ages.
The author of books about chess theory and practice, published in different years, co-authored and individually.
The following books are some of them:
"The advantage of two Bishops"(co-authored with the grandmaster A. Kochyev), the publishing company "Physical education and sport", Moscow,1989.
The text book "Chess for children and parents" and the task book "The chess tasks solutions", co-authored with V.Kostrov and was published three times from 1995, "The assault of the king's bastion" in two parts, the brochures "The Strong Rook on the seventh rank", "The tactic strokes", "The mate in the end", "The Rook endings", "Alexander Cherepkov" and others.


Alexander Shashin

Let me tell shortly about myself.
1962. The USSR champion among the students.
1967. The national master.
1968-1979. After I finished the university, I worked as a teacher of physics in different institutes in Leningrad.
1968-1981. The multiple participant and the prizewinner in the championships of Leningrad and national society "Burevestnik", the participant in the semifinals of the national championships.
From 1979 I work as a chess coach for children.
From 1992 - the chess publications come out regularly.
My coaching achievements: G. Kamsky (I coached him more than one year, than passed him to another coach), the multiple prizewinners of Russia and Latvia championships among the boys and girls of different ages.
From 1992 three of my student regularly participate in world and Europe championships among the boys and girls. I teach personally and by correspondence.


Sergey Klimov

I am an International master with 2520 ELO

Let me tell shortly about myself.
I was born in Leningrad in 1978.I finished Saint Petersburg University with Master of Arts degree. Master of FIDE since 1998.International master since 1999 year. My ELO is 2520 (14th in Saint Petersburg).

My best results:

  • Saint Petersburg championship 2002 - 5-6 place
  • Saint Petersburg championship 2003 - 5-6 place.
International Tournaments:
  • Sweden, Stockholm 1998 - 2 place.
  • Sweden, Stockholm 1999 - 1-2 .
  • Ukrain, Lvov 2003 - first place .
Team events:
  • Second place in sweden Cup in 1997 (Sollentuna SK team).
  • 6th place in Russian team championship 2000 ( "Saint Petersburg Team").

I am a chess coach since 2000 year.In 2002 and 2003 year worked in GM school. (gmchess.com)

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