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White to move and win.


There are no limits for you to start improving:

  • Our School is opened whole-year-round
  • There are no age limits
  • No limits on period of staying (& number of lessons) for studying with us
  • No level limits, too.

How to plan your studying

The number of lessons usually varies from a few up to 20-30 in serious courses of training. If your session lasts 10 lessons (standard session) or more, it gives tangible & obvious effects.

Another way is a few lessons with clear recommendations how to develop your chess skills.

Our experts will research your previous games & work out an individual program for you. The topics & number of lessons are on your choice & usually it's arranged with your teacher(s).


All lessons are personal & prepared specially to fit your chess interests. Lessons are held in the form of a dialog with the professional.

Every student has his own individual program (our experts prepare the program, drawing an inference from previous games: we ask to send us 10-20 of your last games, which characterize your style, strong sides & lacunas before you start to study).

Our course is divided into several key topics:

  • Openings, Repertoire for White/Black
  • Typical Middlegame Positions
  • Basics of Strategy, strategic twists & turns, Common Methods
  • Frequent Tactical ideas in definite Openings & setups
  • Endings
  • Principles of tournament warm-ups
  • & other chess secrets.

Studying via internet

We offer various options of distant learning - on-line lessons, game analysis (full & express).

On-line lessons are a dialog with a professional with a board window & chatlines. You can consult our teachers on any topic which interests you.

Game analysis is an option of teaching via email. You send us email including your games texts & receive back comments of our teachers. It's 100% non-computer analysis with human research & advise about right plans, mistakes, crusial points of your game etc.

The price of a 2-hours lesson is $50 for a person.

If you have a serious trainingsession (from 10 days), discounts are possible - from 10% up to 20%.

You're welcome to discuss all the details like schedule, period & exact price of training by email info@gmchess.com. Also we help our students with visa support & accommodation, please point in your email if you need a visa or a place to stay.

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