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  • Speed and Blitz Chess (by Genrikh Chepukaitis)

    The host of this column is the fabulous Russian chess master. He is a pioneer of this genre. He is the frequent winner of Moscow and St. Petersburg championships in blitz chess. His name is Henrikh Chepukaitis.

    Would you like to play chess more confidently? Better? Stronger? Would you mind to get a great aesthetic delight? Psychology, recklessness, fantasy are the idols in the creative activity of the expert in chess-sprint. The distinguished and very experienced blitz-player gives advices how to play in time-troubles. He shares his rich experience. Besides, he is very fond of the chess knights (which he usually calls "horses").

    When you look through those funny stories try to apply the obtained recommendations on your opponents. You will be surprised but convinced: those advices really help you!

    The notes and the other part of the text are intelligible for amateurs and professional players of any rate.

    The recognized and acknowledged master in lightning-speed chess will not disappoint your hopes. The perpetual problems How? Where? Why? will cease to be the

    The lyrical digressions are not only the frames and decorations. The games and fragments are collected very thoroughly. The World Champion #14 himself guarantees the perfect quality.

    The strategic and tactical aspects are rather complicated but understandable. Sometimes you will also find the examples of an exact calculation.

    You will get acquainted to the splendid "button" theory, random-try method, woodpecker tactics, run-away strategy.

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