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Dear Chess Friends,

The Grandmaster Chess School was opened in St. Petersburg, Russia in November 1998 by St. Petersburg grandmasters. Our goal is to provide the best possible level of chess instruction. So far we have succeeded in this endeavour. Our first international event - GM School Training Session was organized in the summer of 1999. Our specialists are ready to share their experience and knowledge with the students from all over the world. If you're interested in the details please send us an e-mail to info@gmchess.com

The GM Chess School is behind the creation of the International Chess Portal - www.gmchess.com. Not only GM School students but also chess fans worldwide will be able to improve their chess knowledge in the most convenient way the Web can offer: personal instructions by grandmasters and best Russian trainers online; coaching via e-mail is available as well.

Chess is a very complicated game and only those who have an intimate knowledge of its secrets themselves can share these secrets with the students. Just by definition a 2500+ player is a better teacher than a 2200 player. And our unique situation (12 GMs and more than 30 IMs in one city, most of them taking active part in the GM School project) allows us to provide high degree of chess teaching to students of all ages and playing levels.

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Alexander Khalifman

GMChess is an international company based in Denmark. It has exclusive affiliation with Alexander Khalifman's Chess School and access to a large number of GM's and IM's. Our School cooperate with the following leading chessplayers...

Gennady Nesis

ICCF GM Gennady Nesis Administration Chief: Head of Correspondence Chess Branch. Born on May 22, 1947 in Leningrad. Honoured Coach of Russia since 1987, winner of ICCF World Cup, 2-nd in 11-th World Correspondence Chess Championship, FIDE International Arbiter;

Coaching experience: almost 25 years of organizing and coaching work with many grandmasters including A.Khalifman, G.Kamsky, V.Epishin, K.Sakaev, etc.; currently takes part in regular training sessions with St. Peterburg juniors.

List of major publications

Yuri Razuvaev

Grandmaster-1976, Honorary trainer of Russia-1977
1969-1974 Assistant of World Champion M.Botvinnik in his school.
1973-1978 coach of World Champion A.Karpov (together with grandmaster S.Furman).
1978-1982 Assistant of World Champion V.Smyslov in his school.
1984-1988 President of children chess club "Locomotive"
Trainer of national team of USSR and Russia at chess Olympiads and European team championships.
1982-1994 Chairman of Trainers Committee of Russian chess federation.
Since 1998 Chairman of FIDE Trainers Committee.
Yuri Razuvaev participated in match Soviet Union-the Rest of the World, 7 board against Robert Huebner(2-2).
Yuri Razuvaev - the winner of many international tournaments: Dubna 1978, Polanica 1979, London 1983, Dortmund 1985, Jurmala 1987, Pula 1988, Protvino 1988, Reykjavik 1990, Leningrad 1992, Tiraspol 1994, Reggio Emilia 1996, San Sebastian 1996.

Best Games (in PGN)

Peter Svidler

GM Peter Svidler, Member of Grandmaster Council, Guest Lecturer. Russia champion 1994,1995,1997; winner of Chess Olympiads 1994,1996,1998,2000 and World Team Championship 1997.

Konstantin Sakaev

GM Konstantin Sakaev, Member of Grandmaster Council, Permanent Advisor. Russian championship bronze medal winner 1998; winner of Chess Olympiad 1998,2000; Russia champion 1999; coaching experience: assisted GM's V.Kramnik and N.Ioseliani while preparing for World Ch Candidates' Matches.

Vladimir Epishin

GM Vladimir Epishin, Member of Grandmaster Council, Guest Lecturer. Twice St. Petersburg champion, winner of many international tournaments; coaching experience: long-term official second of Anatoly Karpov.

Evgeny Solozhenkin

GM Evgeny Solozhenkin, Member of Grandmaster Council, Permanent Advisor. St. Petersburg champion 1998; winner of Reggio Emilia GM tournament 1999. Coaching experience: assisted GM A.Khalifman while preparing and playing FIDE World Ch (Groningen,1997).

Sergei Ivanov

GM Sergei Ivanov. ELO 2543, International Grandmaster from 1995. A graduate from the Leningrad Pioneer Palace.Three times champion of Leningrad-Petersburg (1991, 1992, 1994), the winner of Club championships in Poland (1990), Russia (1992), Sweden (1999, 2000), the winner of the international tournament in Belsko-Byala (1989), Chelyabinsk (1991), Stockholm (2000).

Vyacheslav Osnos

Vyacheslav Osnos,
Born on July 24, 1935. The Master of Sports of the USSR from 1957, international master from 1965. Honoured trainer of Russia from 1974. The trainer of the international grandmaster Emelin V.

The participant of personal championships of the USSR: 1963-1968;
The participant of a number of international tournaments: Leningrad 1967;
The victor of the international tournament in Debretsen (Hungary): 1969;
The champion of Leningrad 1971, 1980;
The champion of the USSR among the club teams: 1962 ("Leningrad team"), 1964 ("DSO Trud");
The trainer of Korchnoy: 1968-1974;
The author of the monography "A Reti Debut", 1990;
The author of the book "The Attack of Rauzer-Richter", 1998.

Nikolay Yakovlev

Nikolay Yakovlev, International Master of Chess.
A teacher of the additional education of the top category. Teaching experience is 25 years.

Among his students are: two times champion of Russia among boys (not older than 14 years.) Alekseev E., some participants of the world and Russia championships, the winners of the St. Petersburg championships among girls and boys in different ages.

An author of several books about chess theory and practice, published in different years, co-authored and individually.

The following books are among them:

  1. "The advantage of two Bishops" (co-authored with the grandmaster A.Kochiev), publishing company "The physical education and sport", Moscow,1989.
  2. The text book "The chess for children and parents" and the task book "The chess tasks solutions", co-authored with V.Kostrov; endured three publishing from 1995.
  3. "The assault of the king's bastion" in two parts.
  4. The brochures "The Strong Rook on the seventh rank", "The tactic strokes" "The mate in the end", "The Rook endings", "Alexander Cherepkov" and others.

Konstantin Aseev

GM Konstantin Aseev, International Grandmaster, ELO 2530, 4 times played in the USSR championship, the winner of international tournaments in Leningrad 1989, Munich 1990/1991, Altenstain 1991, Porce 1991, Kechkemet 1992, Berlin 1992, Sochi 1993, the silver prize-winner of the Alehin Memorial, Moscow 1992.

Genrih Chepukaitis

Genrih Chepukaitis, Master of Sports of the USSR, ELO 2400. The unique expert in blitz. Half a century experience in this genre. The repeated champion of St. Petersburg on blitz. The conductor of blitz-section of the Gandmasters Chess School. Express-analysis, consultations, non-standard recommendations. Correction of an arm direction. You will spend your money to advantage. The professional will teach you to play not only well, but also fast.

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