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White to move and win.


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29.09.2010 12:03:36
Konstantin Vlasenko, konstantin[dot]vlasenko[at]gmail[dot]com,
Добрый день, Александр.Узнал про Вашу школу. Но к сожалению информации на сайте очень мало. Сайт, непонятный и неопрятный :(
23.09.2010 21:33:32
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17.09.2010 17:47:08
Merfy, oleg15@tut.by,
- Александр Валерьевич! Огромное (бесконечно огромное) Вам спасибо за те книги, которые Вы написали и дай Вам бог здоровья, сил и желания написать ещё... Я имею в своей библиотеке все 13 томов "Ананда" и понимаю насколько серьёзную работу Вы проделали. Это не описать словами. Низкий поклон Вам за Ваши книги!!!
03.05.2010 07:12:49
_Griphin_, griphin@shaw.ca,
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30.04.2010 06:25:30
JuniorChess, info@juniorchess.ru,
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22.02.2010 01:49:49
Sean Woods, seanwoods77@gmail.com,
Great Site !
19.12.2009 03:45:05
lhnhya, neuoqq@lvutiw.com,
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17.12.2009 19:09:40
Hugh, hugh.moriss.phd@gmail.com,
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10.12.2009 19:10:21
Valeriy, vdaveskulov@gmail.com,
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10.12.2009 01:54:47
Killian Irish, pookie315@live.com,
I love this site. I don't know how you're so good!
24.11.2009 12:31:33
Dr. Teeth, dr.teeth68@googlemail.com,
In three, it's over. Only one escape move, and I am not sharing it.
22.11.2009 10:45:13
tim, dr.hedricks@gmail.com,
a very good site. well done.
03.10.2009 02:41:34
Tatiana Honek, wcfworldchesschampion@yahoo.com,
Press ReleaseFor immediate release1 October 2009The World Chess Federation, Inc (WCF) announced today that it will, due to a special agreement with sponsor International Capital Consulting, grant FREE ENTRY into the upcoming WCF World Chess Championship Qualifying Tournament (Reuben Fine Memorial) that will be held December 1-13 for all entrants who provide proof of reservation to stay at the event's host hotel. The offer of free entry to those making reservations at the Riviera is valid through October 31, 2009. Entry forms are at the Tournament registration page at www.americanchessassociation.org and reservation details are also available at the same site regarding the special $39 room rates being offered. Players have a chance to compete for free for $128,000 in prizes in stage 1, $1,280,000 in prizes in Stage 2 and a chance to qualify into play for a 6 million WCF title match. WCF expects this to possibly be the biggest chess tournament in history.
27.08.2009 18:51:24
Константин, stan@gmchess.com,
Сегодня утром, 27 августа, скончался международный мастер Вячеслав Вульфович ОСНОС, двукратный чемпион Ленинграда, заслуженный тренер России. Светлая память.
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