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17.10.2011 22:51:55
Álvaro Laiz, alvarolaiz@gmail.com,
Dear friends of Saint Petersburg Grand Master School,I´m Mr. Álvaro Laiz, international photojournalist. I´m part of Cordon Press Agency in Spain, first european agency providing contents to american, french, english, italian and spanish magazines such as Esquire, Vanity Fair or Newsweek. I will be arriving to St Petersburg from november 2 to 6. I´m planning to ellaborate a monograph about Grand Masters in St Petersburg. Obviously I would be pleased if you could provide me access to your prestigious school in order to portray Grand Masters and pupil´s daily life at the school.If you´re interested, I would appreciate a quick response, so that we can plan it properlyLooking forward to hear back from youKind RegardsÁlvaro Laiz
04.08.2011 13:45:27
Ywein, Yweinvdb@gmail.com,
How do I get in touch with the school? They don't reply on the email address info@gmchess.com. Thanks
02.08.2011 05:11:56
WCF The World Chess Champion Stan Vaughan, stanvaughan@live.com,
World Chess Federation (www.wcfchess.com) invites Khalifman to challenge for WCF World title as formerly held by Fischer who founded WCF as competitor to FIDE
20.06.2011 16:08:37
Andre Cunha, andre_novaes@yahoo.com,
How do I get in touch with the school?? The email address is not working.
22.03.2011 12:58:24
Jay Nortel, jaynortel@gmail.com,
I love This GameThank you for the excellent site!
13.02.2011 11:25:58
Pavel Perminov, packpaul@mail.ru,
Dear GMChess learning staff!I'd like to present you a new software out of my Chess4Net line - Chess4Net Analyzer. You can download and use it for free from http://chess4net.ru (http://chess4net.ru/Upload/Chess4Net_Analyzer_2011.1.exe) Below goes a short description of it:Chess4Net Analyzer is an application for viewing, editing and analysing chess games. It has a chess engine which helps you find best continuations, and it can work with attachable openings DBs which are useful for mastering new openings and improving existing ones in your repertory.Pavel Perminov, author of Chess4Net
08.02.2011 23:22:41
Jeremy Humphries, jeremy.humphries@virgin.net,
The 'position of the day' isn't working. When I click it, it just shows the standard starting position, not the puzzle position.
07.02.2011 00:12:23
Maciej Cybulski, cybul@gg.pl,
FIRST CHESS MEMORIAL OF FERDYNAND DZIEDZIC // Prize: 20 000 PLN // www.szachy.trzcianka.com.pl // http://www.szachy.trzcianka.com.pl/FD/announcement.pdf // http://www.szachy.trzcianka.com.pl/FD/konkursordnung.pdf // http://www.szachy.trzcianka.com.pl/FD/komunikat.pdf
13.01.2011 07:21:18
Tahir, vakhidovt@mail.ru,
Can you please inform me contact number? I can't send email to info@gmchess.com. Maybe you have another email address? Thanks
05.01.2011 06:21:08
Tahir, vakhidovt@yahoo.com,
Dobriy den Sasha! Kakoy u Vas email? Napisal na info@gmchess.com. No pismo vozvrashaetsa.Xotel otpravit svoix uchenikov v Vashu shkolu. Spasibo
09.12.2010 06:37:04
Ralph Green, bieber_forever11@yahoo.com,
I love chess, and found your site useful. Thanks!
22.11.2010 14:20:24
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09.11.2010 22:29:09
Gerry Praline, gerry@nobleonegroup.com,
Wonderful site.
08.11.2010 21:49:48
cvycvycxvyxcv, tvivien.horizont@gmail.com,
nice site!
08.11.2010 21:49:21
asdfadf, landmarkingatlan@gmail.com,
Nice site!
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