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White to move and win.
White to move and win.


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19.11.2012 16:58:37
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17.03.2012 20:58:11
hja, pops@alazyh.net,
The Position of the Day no longer loads on Internet Explorer.
29.02.2012 20:10:42
Vedant goswami, vedantgoswami@gmail.com,
I sent a mail to your info@gmchess.com about coaching in St.petersberg but it is bouncing. Pls. send the details to my email.
17.01.2012 18:12:37
George, immkeil@hotmail.com,
Since i see that the site is very good i am trying to sent you an email to get more information about Alexander Shashin s method but noone is answering. Could someone help please?
17.01.2012 04:56:08
Сергей, sirdemch@yandex.ru,
Уважаемый Александр, когда появится 14 том "по Ананду"?
15.01.2012 21:19:00
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09.12.2011 02:12:42
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29.11.2011 10:12:14
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You are not a real world champion, and you know it.
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