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White to move and win.


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18.07.2000 15:24:34
I strongly reccomend the program Studies 2.0 That I bought from this site
It really helps ones understanding of chess geometry.
10.07.2000 12:05:59
Georgia (Isis) Albert, www.Goddesschess.com,
I have enjoyed your web site very much, and I am sure that I will visit again in the future. I will be looking forward to seeing you play again, maybe in Las Vegas again. May Fortuna smile upon you.

03.06.2000 18:18:10
José L. Vásquez-Campos, iomeganica@hotmail.com,
Congrat to all the team at 'gmchess.com'. It's a nice and wonderful place for chess players all ages.
I also want to congrat GM Khaliffman on his last performances as a World-Champ. We are proud of Him at Toronto Chess Club. Keep on going!!
31.05.2000 09:50:20
Ian Williams, williams@mail.wplus.net,
I have been reviewing the many chess sites available and this is certaily as good as any and better than most. If you keep up this standard I am sure that you have a very bright future. Good luck to you.
20.05.2000 04:53:51
Andrew Kim,
Excellent site! I've been introduced to chess only 8 months ago, and I will greatly improve my play with your extroardinary web site. Keep up the great work!
11.05.2000 13:04:03
Francesco Di Tolla,
A very nice site! Congratulations for the good work.

What about some pages with historic pages? E.g. in the west many people don't know how importatnt Cigoring was in the history of russian chess.

05.05.2000 07:53:31
Michel Gagne C.M., gagne@worldchessnetwork.com,
Congratulations GM Khalifman for your powerful victory at Las Vegas. I will always keep great memories watching you by the Net at Las Vegas and learning from you during the historic challenge between the World Team vs. GM Kasparov on Zone.com Do you remember I figure f7-f5 in the same time of you during this match and found the Rook sac of GM Kasparov. This spectacular summer last year, give me the chance to really appreciate your chess skills for the first time. Great player you are! If you have time someday please come to visit www.worldchessnetwork.com I am a new administrator in this place. Finally, please say hello to Constantin for me. Thanks very much.
03.05.2000 08:32:52
Robert Benz, WriterBob@excite.com,
Congratulations and thanks for this very useful website. Mr. Khalifman is one of the finest gentlemen ever to play chess.
02.05.2000 13:35:16
Edward Katsnelson,
What a great site. Your designers deserve a great big thank you. Elegant, yet comprehensive. A true full service chess site. I am looking forward to improving my chess with your site as my companion.
29.04.2000 18:51:23
Ken Hamilton, hamiltons@netdirect.net,
I discovered this splendid chess website today and have been absorbed in it for the past hour....Congratulations to GM Alexander Khalifman and his team, and best wishes for the success of this, his latest endeavor.
Ken Hamilton
20.04.2000 09:58:18
licenser, surrattf@bmi.net,
Congratulations on your fine result in the FIDE knock-out World Championship tourney! There are always nay-sayers, but the bottom line is, you showed up to play, and you beat 'em all! World Champion! By the way, nice site too!
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