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 Dan Madrey:
10/24/2001 02:07pm   

I think your site is really professional-looking, and one of the better chess sites. Thanks!

 Axel Björnsson:
03/11/2001 12:22pm   

Looking good, good looking (chess site)!

03/16/2001 03:06am   

This is my first visit to your page, and i am very much impressed by your deed for chess promotion.

Keep it up and accept me dearest congratulation on this effort.


 Tim O.:
01/22/2001 03:42pm   

This is a really well designed chess site. Nice balance of graphics and text where the information is laid out in a clean, easy-to-read manner. Congratulations on a GREAT site!

 Karl-Iversen Lapp:
11/06/2000 09:26pm   

CONGRATULATION, Mr. Khalifman, for winning the great gm tourny!!

10/31/2000 09:25pm   

Good job, One of the greatest chess site I ever seen! Good luck!

 Juan-Jose Portillos:
10/26/2000 03:39pm   

Excellent graphics. This is clearly a professional undertaking. I think your site is very interesting and I am confident you will be very successfull in your endeavour. Warm Regards, from Mexico.

 Mike Willner:
10/18/2000 05:26am   

For the last several months I have attempted to re-enter the world of serious chess, a world I left 25 years ago. I am having problems getting focused, even wth the wealth of info in books/software/online resources. I was hoping to find some real, live guidance here. Great looking site, and I hope I find what I seek.

 Ron London:
10/14/2000 07:01am   

My commendations to your web masters: The best looking chess web site by far! Your content is also very good, and I have made your site my home page. I have also been clicking on your banner ads, as I hope that will help keep your site up and RUNNING. Keep up the great work!


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