14th World Champion Alexander Khalifman present
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White to move and win.


Nalimov EGTB

Using the applet below all of the currently published Nalimov Tablebases can be queried online (incl. 6-men databases). The first query may take some seconds to complete. Sorry for any temporary inaccessibility due to system maintenance.

Thanks to Eugene Nalimov, Andrew Kadatch, Robert Hyatt, Kyrill Kryukov, Nelson Hernandez for generating, compressing, and publishing the databases and offering them for free.

Please enter max. 6 pieces (incl. kings). *** NEW! All 6-men tables online (except 5 vs. 1). ***

Hint: You can copy the FEN string by selecting and copying it. In most browsers you can select the FEN string by triple-clicking on it.

NEW: Many features are also available via keyboard shortcuts: Flip board [f], Input FEN [i], Back [t], King(s) [1], Queen(s) [2] etc., Move piece / Free [7], Change color [c], Play best move [b], Move position [arrow keys].

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