May 4, 2001

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  • CalChess - CalChess - The Northern California Chess Association - (Added: 24-May-2000) [Rate It]
  • Leinster Chess Union - Website of the Leinster Chess Union (LCU), a non-profit organisation that administers chess in the province of Leinster in Ireland - (Added: 24-May-2000) [Rate It]
  • SCCA - Scottish Correspondence Chess Association - The Scottish Correspondence Chess Association (SCCA) is a full member of the International Correspondence Federation (ICCF), and is responsible for organising and promoting correspondence chess in Scotland - (Added: 24-May-2000) [Rate It]
  • The London Chess Centre - A good stop-by point for everyone interested in chess: a large collection of chess books, software and links plus the latest world chess news. - (Added: 24-May-2000) [Rate It]

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"Always try to keep the three pawns in front of your castled king on their original squares as long as possible"

Alexander Alekhin

"As much choice as possible in intervening on one or on the other wing - a discussion on thecentre."

Euwe, Strategy and Tactics in Chess.

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