May 4, 2001

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  • Chess Planet - supposed to be official FIDE's information site. Up to certain moment the quantity and quality of materials seemed to be OK but probably permanent FIDE crisis played its role and now this site is definitely one round behind TWIC. - (Added: 25-May-2000) [Rate It]
  • En Passant - Welcome to En Passant, one of the chess sites in the Palamede group. Software, fonts and graphics for chess publishing. Chess in Denmark - (Added: 25-May-2000) [Rate It]
  • Ottawa Chess Club - Ottawa Chess Club Home page. Features include Game of the Week, Question of the Month, Used Books, IM Tom O'Donnell page, and much much more - (Added: 18-Jul-2000) [Rate It]
  • Surbiton Chess Club - Surbiton Chess Club is a friendly chess club based in the southern suburbs of London in Kingston-upon-Thames. - (Added: 25-May-2000) [Rate It]
  • Sutton Coldfield Chess Club - On site you will find downloadable games; introductions to the Nimzowitsch and Clarendon Court defences; a diary of chess events in and around Birmingham; links to selected websites; and of course information throughout about Sutton Coldfield Chess Club. - (Added: 25-May-2000) [Rate It]
  • The Kings Head Chess Club - Welcome: We are London''s most exciting and friendly, central pub-based chess club. We welcome players of all strengths and nationalities from woodpusher to GM, whether for a night or a season. - (Added: 25-May-2000) [Rate It]

"Always try to keep the three pawns in front of your castled king on their original squares as long as possible"

Alexander Alekhin

"As much choice as possible in intervening on one or on the other wing - a discussion on thecentre."

Euwe, Strategy and Tactics in Chess.

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