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Aug 16,2002

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The Journey of a Thousand Dreams!

"What we need is not the wish to believe, but the will to find".
(Bertrand Russell)

At the time of inception of Pakistan Chess Player, in January 1999, we faced many obstacles: financial and technical. During the course of events that finally led to the materialization of our dream, we discovered that money was not the only obstacle, but the greater monster was tackling the technical aspects of printing a chess magazine. We simply did not know the mechanics of publishing a chess magazine!

In the first phase, we started contacting a lot of chess dignitaries, and the very first persons, kind enough to reply, were GM Yasser Seirawan and GM Alexandar Khalifman. Both hold a lot of respect in our hearts, since they were the ones who gave such resources that enabled us to start in the direction of our objective.

Another hindrance: the software was there, but we had no means to transfer funds from our home country. Government of Pakistan imposed a ban on the transfer of foreign exchange. So now what to do?

During a web surfing session, we found a chess font from Janet's Chess Corner (http://www.chesscorner.com). Thanks to Janet.

About the articles we mailed to a lot of people, and Mr. Greengard was among the first ones to give consents to re-publish their articles. First issue was out and Mig gave us a great review in his next article. It was the first drop of water in dry land. Every artist needs the applause. We received some very good responses after that, thank you so much Mr. Greengard.

But the first issue was like car without tires. There was not a single diagram in the magazine. We started a new search, and stumbled upon a just winner - Chess Captor by Michiel Magne'e. Thanks to Chess Captor, next issue was a complete chess magazine, full of articles, games, diagrams and pictures.

Our other honorable contributors, without whose help Pakistan Chess Player would not have been what it is today include: GM Baburin, GM Tom Wedberg, GM Mikhail Golubev, GM Mikhail Gourevich, GM Rashid Ziatdinov, GM (Late) Lambit Oll, IM Georgi Orlov, NM Randy Bauer, FM Stephen Muhammad and Lev Khariton.

Now came our turn to contribute. Since we got a lot of help the people whom we did not have the slightest of acquaintance, we decided to continue the legacy. During the last three years, we have been delivering our magazine to our fellow countrymen absolutely free of cost. It is noteworthy, at this point that we do it without the aid of any sort of advertisement whatsoever.

We also had a web site of our magazine, but it contained no incentive for a guest to revisit. In January last, we decided to re-format our site and to make it an information resource. Shoes were on, and after an html course, we started to climb yet another mountain. The obstacles were, once again, more or less, the same. Then Palview came to the rescue. Thanks to Alan Cowderoy and his team for putting up such fine software. We wish them sincerest success on their subsequent projects.

"Bad experience always comes from doing,
and insight comes from bad experience."

We completed our web site in 5 days. Another big question mark: where to place the web site? Found a free server. Site on the road, server was closed after a few days. Back to the drawing board, this time it was a harsh experience, since we had to update the site immediately but had no space. Then after a prompt search, we found a suitable pay server.

At present we have launched a complete chess site with regular visitors, but don't have any experience of marketing. How to survive? Life goes on...

Act I Scene II
An Idea

In the course launching the web site, we came to a startling discovery. There are so many chess sites facing same technical difficulties as we are. On occasions, people contacted us and we tried to solve their problems and vice versa. So we are not the only fish in the pond!

Some people have ideas and the money, but they don't know how to express, others have ideas but no resources (the likes of us). This discovery ensued yet another long discussion between we three friends (Anwar Qureshi, Haseeb Khwaja and Abdul Karim). After much deliberation, we came to the conclusion that a chess group was a dire necessity. What we need is a device that would enable us, the small chess sites, to make our way. A place where we would all help each other, discuss the ideas, solve our problems, share our resources and so forth.

In continuation of this idea, we have established a discussion forum where an initial draft of the group is laid by us. This discussion will be open till the time we officially announce the commencement of the group.

Henceforth, you are invited at the Discussion Board of our site (http://www.pakchess.com) to further exploit the idea, give your valuable suggestions and comments on the issue.

"Details are trifles, but trifles make perfection,
and perfection is no trifle."

We Unite - For the Love of Chess
Pakistan Chess Player (http://www.pakchess.com)
April 2001

"He who fears an isolated queen's pawn should give up chess". Siegbert Tarrasch

"The most powerful weapon in chess is to have the next move"! David Bronstein.

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