Apr 21, 2001

ICCF GM Gennady Nesis, list of Major Publications, Books and Monographies:
(the complete list is more than 300 publications)

1. Entering the Endgame, Moscow, 1982.
2. Die Kunst der Vereinfachung, Germany, 1982 
3. Art of Exchange, Moscow,1984
4. El paso al Final, Spain, 1985 
5. Die Kunst der Vereinfachung  11, Germany, 1985 
6. Die Kunst der Vereinfachung 111, Germany, 1987 
7. Encyclopedia of chess openings, Moscow,1985
8. Spanisch - richtig gespielt, Germany, 1990 
9. Aktuelle Schach Eroffnungen, in three volumes, Germany, 1990-91 
10.Exchanging in the endgame and non-equative exchange, Moscow, 1992 
11.Tactical Chess exchanges, London, 1991 
12.Exchanging to win in the endgame, London, 1991
13.Taktische Losungen im Konigsindisch, Germany,1991 
14.Englisch - richtig gespielt,  Germany, 1991 
15.Konigsindische Verteidigung - richtig gespielt, Germany, 1991 
16.Ungewohnliche Krafteverhaltnisse, Germany, 1991 
17.Franzosisch in der modernen Spielpraxis, Germany, 1991 
18.Wolga - Benko - Gambit - richtig geshielt, Germany, 1992 
19.Katalonisch - richtig geshielt, Germany, 1992 
20.Taktische Losungen im Grunfeld - Indisch, Germany, 1992 
21.Hollandische Verteidigung, Germany, 1992 
22.Apertura Espanola, Defensa Abierta, Spain, 1992 
23.Tactics in the King's indian, London 1992, New York, 1992.
24.Taktische Losungen in Damenindisch, Germany, 1993 
25.Tactics in the Sicilian, London , 1993 
26.Tactics in the Grunfeld, London 1992, New York, 1993.
27.Tactics in the French, London 1993, New York, 1994 
28.Tactics in the Grunfeld Defense, Kharkov, 1998
29.Tactics in the French Defense, Kharkov,  2000

"Chess is so interesting in itself, as not to need the view of gain to induce engaging in it;and thence it is never played for money."

Benjamin Franklin, "Chess made easy", 1802

"It is one of the insights of modern players, and especially of the best ones, that one has toplay the position itself, not some abstract idea of the position."

John Watson, "Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy", 1998

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