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Black to move and win.
Black to move and win.

Chess Summer.

Usually there are no many chess events in the summer time. Therefore, it was rather interesting to hear about G. Kasparov - "Deep Junior" match. Certainly, it will be a very interesting match. Nevertheless, some things about it are rather unaccountable. Firstly, why this match and the match V. Kramnik - "Deep Fritz" coincide? Latent confrontation again. And some people will try to find the game of politics there.

Secondly, the prize fund is declared by World WCF Chess Foundation. But it is FIDE! Doubtless, the participation of the best world chess player in this match is $700.000. However, does the participation of two programmers cost $200-300? Wasn't it better to use this money for the next Gran Prix stage, which is dubious now? It is evident to anyone that this match is some computer firm advertising firstly. So, the prize fond was provided just by the computer firms during the previous matches. But chess and chess players had got money. Now we can see quite the contrary. I think chess public would like to know the background of all these events.

However, chess has not only the super-tournaments. There are many tournaments of lower level in the summer time. But one has to play in such tournaments to improve his chess skill.

We are very glad that some of the representatives of GM Chess School are successful in these tournaments. For example one of our teachers IM Maxim Novik won the Heart of Finland Festival (June 7-21, 2002) with 7.5 from 9 and made GM result.

Our student becoming already our teacher IM Evgeny Shaposhnikov shared 4-12 place in Pardubice Chess and Bridge Festival (July 11-28, 2002) and made his 3-d grandmaster result. Many well-known GMs took part in that tournament.

There were two summer festivals "White Nights" in St. Petersburg. Our student Willem Leenen from Netherlands took part in one of them. Though he scored only 2.5 from 9 he had a good chance to play strong chess players. There are many tournaments of different level in St. Petersburg. The next one big open is "Chigorin Memorial", Oct 25 - Nov 3, 2002. We are waiting for you to take part in these tournaments and in the sessions of our school.

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