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Black to move and win.
Black to move and win.


Lonely Knight Dance

To the light memory of G.M.Chepukaitis is dedicated

Knowingly all the same Genrikh Mikhailovich liked knights. In my opinion, namely to these roughly skipping pieces, chess are obliged by never-dying popularity. "Linear" chess (I mean pieces, moving on a straight line) would be boring and monotonous. The knights add variety and interest. However, it is only the introduction. When I was tought to play chess, all pupils without fail had to know Reti and Mandler's position.

Reti; Mandler, 1924

White to move and win.

Nice..., but all the same not that! As one hero of a well-known film told, "I don't like this goose". As for me, as to practical player, it is not pleasant, because: white presume any different maneuvers, and then return to the main variation. It is not correct! Therefore: the new version, with all respect to Rihard Reti and Aloiz Mandler

A.Khalifman, 2005.

White to move and win.

If you have already found the first decision (dec.1) then you don't need to look for something! However, the variety of a choice for white is absent, and any incorrect move can lead to fatal consequences, in difference from Reti - Mandler's position (for example: 1.Nb5+ Kb4! Or 1.Nd5? Ka2!)

P.S.: Looks like a trifle, but it is pleasant! Did you like it? I Can decipher the geometry of decision, but this is probably unessential.

P.P.S.: Certainly, the computer finds the decision, but about-about-very not at once! Maybe this position was found before me. In that case my apologies to the discoverer. I have tried to find this position in chess literature, but I have not found anything similar

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