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White to move and win.


Gennadij Nesis - "FIDE SENIOR TRAINER"

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Nizhniy Novgorod: China leads Russia by 27.5:22.5
25.08.2007 - China continues to dominate the team match. After dropping round four with 4.0:6.0 the Rising Sun players fought back to win round five with a 5.5:4.5 score (women: 4.0:1.0) and take an overall five-point lead at half time. With five rounds to go (Saturday is a free day) anything can happen. We bring you results, games, pictures and a new idea for Robin Williams.

ChessBase Magazine 119 is out
24.08.2007 - Latest top tournaments (Elista, Foros, Dortmund) with annotations, videos by Van Wely and Tiviakov, video interviews with Vladimir Kramnik and Daniel King, 12 up-to-date opening surveys with tricks and traps for everyone, and the regular training columns (‘Tactics’, ‘Move by Move’, ‘Endgames’ etc.) – all this and more is covered on the new CBM119. Read all about it and order it now.

The Art of Chess – Schaakkunst at the Euwe Stimulans
24.08.2007 - In the Dutch city of Arnhem, famous for the "Bridge Too Far", a ten-player round robin is under way, led by 25-year-old Zambian IM Amon Simutowe, the most talented and exciting African chess player of our day (or ever). The event is being staged in the NH Rijnhotel, which is also hosting an interesting exhibition on Chess and Art. We bring you results, games, and sample paintings.

Harmen Jonkman's Chess Calendar

15Banyoles (Spain), 3rd Memorial Lluis Muratet, Rapid Chess, Prize fund: € 2000, 1st prize € 800, info: open2007@escacsbanyoles.com
17-26Arnhem (Netherlands), Euwe Stimulans Tournament, Round Robin, 9 rounds, 1st prize € 1000, info: eric.de.winter@hetnet.nl
18-26Tarragona (Spain), VIIl Obert d'Escacs Internacional, 9 rounds, 1st prize € 2000, info: jreverte@informesalfil.com / jooe@eresmas.com
18-26Brasschaat (Belgium), 7de Open Tornooi, 9 rounds, Prize fund: € 2750, info: voorzitter@brasschaak.be
18-26St Veit (Austria), 22nd Schwarzacher Open, 9 rounds, Prize fund: € 13.580, 1st prize € 2000, info: g.herndl@jacoby.at
18-26Szombathely (Hungary), VII Savaria Summer International Chess Open, 9 rounds, 1st prize € 1000, info: attila.csonka@lamived.hu
19-25Jassy (Romania), 22th International Chess Festival “M. Sadoveanu”, 9 rounds, Prize fund: € 6500, info: iasitel@yahoo.com
19-27Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), IGB 4th Dato Arthur Tan Malaysia Open, 11 rounds, 1st prize USD 4000, info: aham@pc.jaring.my
21-29Porto San Giorgio (Italy), XIX Festival Internazionale, 9 rounds, Prize fund: € 14.200, info: segreteria@associazionealberghi.191.it
20-28Rychnov nad Kneznou (Czech Republic), Rychnov Chess Festival Open & Senior, 7 rounds, PF: 15000 CZK, info: panda.daniel@tiscali.cz
20-30Rewal (Poland), XII International Chess Festival Baltic Cup, Caissa Pol Tour 2007, 9 rounds, Prize fund: € 5000, info: caissa@republika.pl
22-30 Mislata (Spain), 15th Open International, 9 rounds, 1st prize € 1600, info: camislata@ono.com
22-2Amsterdam (Netherlands), NH Chess Tournament, Experienced vs. Rising Stars, 10 rounds, more info will follow.
23-26Bratislava (Slovakia), XXXIV Chess Youth Tournament, 9 rounds, 1st prize 5000 SKK, info: brintel@meracrest.com
23-30Sanaa (Yemen), 6th Al Saleh International Open, 9 rounds, Prize fund: USD 12.000, info: yemenchessfederation@yahoo.com
23-30Nikaia (Greece), 15th International Tournament "Honour to National Resistance", 9 rounds, 1st prize € 1200, info: fysiolatris@yahoo.com
23-31Bratto (Italy), 27th Festival Internazionale "Conca della Presolana", 9 rounds, 1st prize € 1500, info: torneodibratto@fastwebnet.it
23-31Collado Villalba (Spain), XXIV Abierto Internacional, 9 rounds, info: c.a.c.v@terra.es
24-26 Washington, D.C (USA), 39th Atlantic Open, 5 rounds, Prize fund: USD 20.000, info: chesstour@aol.com
24-2Barcelona (Spain), IX Open Internacional d'Escacs de Sants, 10 rounds, Prize fund: € 12.000, 1st € 2500, info: toniayza@secretariat.org
25-26 Gijón (Spain), VII Abierto Internacional Villa de Gijón, 9 rounds, 1st prize € 600, info: ajedrezgcc@rgcc.es
25-26Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA), Roman Levit Memorial, 7 rounds, info: chessorg@wi.rr.com
25-31Vratsa (Bulgaria), Open Women Bulgarian Championship, 9 rounds, Prize fund: € 2050, info: pss@abv.bg
25-1Thessaloniki (Greece), 4th International Open Tournament, 9 rounds, Prize fund: € 7700, 1st prize € 2200, info: kalamariaopen@yahoo.com
25-2 Mondariz (Spain), 5th Abierto Internacional, 9 rounds, 1st prize € 1500, info: reinaldo@ajedrezmarcote.com

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