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White to move and win.
White to move and win.


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Bilbao Masters 02: Time Pressure Reigns 9/16/2014 – Today's games might have gone differently in the main stage at Bilbao had the players managed their time differently. Especially unlucky was Vallejo Pons who blundered the game against Anand "basically in one move". Aronian kept the pressure up against Ponomariov, who had a respite of only one move. He missed his chance, again in time pressure, and it looks like a two horse race. Discuss

Arkadij Naiditsch wins GRENKE Chess Classic 9/15/2014 – Arkadij Naiditsch, Germany's number one, is well-known for his aggressive play. In the GRENKE Chess Classic he lived up to his reputation and showed why he is Germany's number one. Despite losing in round two against up-and-coming talent Matthias Bl├╝baum he won the tournament with 5.0/7, leaving David Baramidze and Daniel Fridman one point behind. Discuss

European Club Cup starts 9/15/2014 – Next to the Grand Slam Finals in Bilbao, a big room has one of the strongest open team tournaments in the World: the European Club Cup. With a few teams having an over 2700 average, the tournament could go to any one of the top ten teams. In the women's section it would seem that Monte Carlo is again the clear favorite, but unfortunately for them they didn't win their very first round! Discuss

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Quotes Of The Day (from Kelly Atkins)

"Properly taught, a student can learn more in a few hours than he would find out in ten years of untutored trial and error." Emanuel Lasker

"Studying Fischer's games is important, I think, for any player of any playing strength. Above all, it will give you a good idea how to approach the game, or, to put it another way, it will change your attitude to the game in a way that is bound to improve your own play." Garry Kasparov
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