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White to move and win.
White to move and win.


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Tehran WGP Rd02: Pogonina starts with 2/2 2/13/2016 РIt was a hard-fought round, with a few more draws than fans might like. Round two was a bit of dejà vu as two players repeated their first rounds. Valentina Gunina had another bitter result, though she will undoubtedly rebound, knowing her fighting spirit. On the flip side, Natalija Pogonina, finalist of last year's World Championship, has had a perfect start. Discuss

Nakamura wins Opening Blitz in Zurich 2/12/2016 – With a dashing 3-0 start, there was no doubt that Nakamura was the best blitzer out there in the opening tournament. The event did not count for points, it was held as part of the opening ceremony and to determine who has more whites and who has more blacks in the rapid portion. We bring you a round by round report of an exciting opening in Zurich! Discuss

Tehran WGP Rd01: What a setting 2/12/2016 – In the strongest tournament organized in Iran, the FIDE Women's Grand Prix has just started in Tehran with the best female players in the world. The exceptions being Hou Yifan and Mariya Muzychuk who are preparing for their epic showdown in March. As can be seen in the photos, the location was a beautiful venue that just begs to be photographed. Discuss

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Quotes Of The Day (from Kelly Atkins)

"If you don't want to be stabbed in the back you should be aware of who is standing behind you." Tony Miles (to David Levy on Ray Keene)

"The fact is that in Russia there is tremendous respect for both chess and chessplayers, which is why it has produced so many great players. To be a chessplayer in Russia means something, so people will work to do it." Nigel Davies
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