14th World Champion Alexander Khalifman present
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White to move and win.
White to move and win.


Alexander Khalifman and his St. Petersburg Chess School

invite you to visit the beautiful city of St. Petersburg for a 10 day programme of chess instruction from only 400€ per person.

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Jon Speelman's Agony Column #8 6/29/2016 – Which openings to play, going quickly all-out for an attack or patiently steering the game into quieter waters, which pieces to exchange and which to keep, where to put one's pawns, when to offer a draw and how to win a winning position against a higher-rated player. Questions that all come up - and are answered - in Jon Speelman's Agony Column #8. Discuss

Leuven! 6/29/2016 – In June the Grand Chess Tour came to Paris and Leuven. Hikaru Nakamura won in Paris, Magnus Carlsen won in Leuven, and the top players are already on their way to other top events in Dortmund or in Bilbao. Paris is a justly famous city but the lesser known Leuven is also worth a closer look. Which André Schulz took while he was visiting the Grand Chess tour. Discuss

The tricky rook 6/28/2016 – Every week ChessBase Magazine author and renowned endgame expert Karsten Müller presents a remarkable or particularly instructive endgame in his blog. A click on the diagram opens a larger board. Test your endgame skills, improve and have fun! Discuss

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Quotes Of The Day (from Kelly Atkins)

"Alexander Alekhine may have been a drunk and anti-Semite, but he certainly had manners: he showed up for the last game of his losing match in 1935 wearing a tuxedo, and gave his "Hurrah to the new World Champion!" Alex Yermolinsky

"The point is that chess doesn't have a strict criterion of correctness. Chess is a multiform game!" Bent Larsen
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