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White to move and win.
White to move and win.


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Kasparov on Putin and Ukrainian nukes 2/27/2015 – November 9th is auspicious for Garry Kasparov: he became the youngest World Champion in chess history on that day in 1985, and on November 9 1989 the Berlin Wall came down, heralding the end of the Communist era. Reason TV has conducted a remarkable 30-minute video interview with Kasparov, who also makes some very powerful points on Ukraine in a new Wall Street Journal interview. Discuss

Tbilisi Rd11: Peaceful end 2/27/2015 – The last round of the tournament saw another six draws, same as yesterday, with some of the games still being hard-fought draws while a couple of others were barely a game. With these series of results Tomashevsky finished first with his 1.5 point lead, while Jakovenko claimed second. On third place Radjabov was able to take it cleanly, being just half a point behind. Discuss

Right reaction/Spontaneous reaction 2/27/2015 – Tactics can seem deceptively simple, particularly when seeing an engine analysing grandmaster games. Strange, however, how difficult it is to find the right move and to calculate variations properly when playing yourself. It is easier if you solve tactical puzzles regularly. In the ChessBase Magazine and his tactics column Oliver Reeh helps you to do so. Discuss

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Quotes Of The Day (from Kelly Atkins)

"They may be rivals, enemies sometimes, but they are bound together like Siamese twins." Hans Ree (on Kasparov & Karpov)

"The fact is that in Russia there is tremendous respect for both chess and chessplayers, which is why it has produced so many great players. To be a chessplayer in Russia means something, so people will work to do it." Nigel Davies
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