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White to move and win.
White to move and win.


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Norway Chess: Daniel King's "Play of the Day", Rd.9 4/30/2016 – Happy end for Magnus Carlsen: after stumbling in round eight against Levon Aronian the World Champion won the Altibox Norway Chess tournament with an impressive victory against Pavel Eljanov in round nine. After a quiet opening Carlsen gradually increased the pressure until Eljanov cracked in time-trouble. Daniel King takes a close look at this crucial game. Discuss

Azlan Iqbal: Recomposition contest II result 4/30/2016 – Over Christmas we had an interesting problem: say you have found some moves somewhere, in coordinate notation without piece names – is it possible to reconstruct the original supposedly meaningful position to which they apply? Later the author, who has a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence, presented a second puzzle, and the winner gets a valuable prize. Discuss

Nakamura is the Ultimate Blitz Champion! 4/30/2016 – Hikaru Nakamura came all guns blazing on day two of the Ultimate Blitz. He scored 11.0/18 and finished a full point ahead of others. Wesley So took the second spot with 10 points and Garry Kasparov was right behind him on 9.5. Caruana was able to muster only 5.5 points. The event was a huge success as it attracted a lot of attention from fans all over the world. By having a look at few of the games in this report there is only one thing we can say, "Garry you must play more often!" Discuss

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"Alexander Alekhine may have been a drunk and anti-Semite, but he certainly had manners: he showed up for the last game of his losing match in 1935 wearing a tuxedo, and gave his "Hurrah to the new World Champion!" Alex Yermolinsky

"The winner of a battle is the one who gets there firstest with the mostest." Robert. E. Lee
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