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White to move and win.
White to move and win.


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Centralisation is everything 10/24/2014 – "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold" is a famous and often quoted line from the poem "The Second Coming" by Irish poet and Nobel Prize winner W. B. Yeats. It pays to remember this piece of poetry when playing chess. Having a stable center keeps your position intact and safe, destroying your opponent's center often yields surprising results. Discuss

Hou Yifan wins Corsican Circuit 10/24/2014 – In spite of wishing for a grand final between Vishy Anand and Hou Yifan, the fans had to agree that the structure of the tournament was supremely democratic. Naturally there were two guest stars, but there were also no fewer than fourteen spots up for grabs, so anyone had a shot. Hou Yifan faced Sergey Fedorchuk in an exciting final. Final report with GM analysis. Discuss

Tashkent 03: Feisty third round 10/23/2014 – Most of the games today in Tashkent were interesting brawls, with quite a few decisive results. Kasimdzhanov overestimated his chances against Jobava, who took a pawn, outcalculated the Uzbek player and won. Karjakin nurtured an extra pawn into a win against Jakovenko while Mamedyarov tricked Gelfand in an endgame. The rest of the games were very long fights. Discuss

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Quotes Of The Day (from Kelly Atkins)

"Take these pieces, set them in their rank and file upon an 8 x 8 magic square and you have the recipe for endless centuries of romance and intrigue." Donald McLean

"What is the point of participating in the game? It is not, in my view, to win honors for either club, town or country or a means of making money. For me the real value of chess lies in its value for a person's character and intellect, a sentiment which is not popular in this rating conscious day but one which has been repeated through the centuries." Nigel Davies
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