14th World Champion Alexander Khalifman present
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White to move and win.
White to move and win.


Alexander Khalifman and his St. Petersburg Chess School

invite you to visit the beautiful city of St. Petersburg for a 10 day programme of chess instruction from only 400€ per person.

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John Nunn's 60th Birthday Blitz 4/27/2015 – Sixteen players, most of them with GM titles, gathered together in the splendid Home House in London's West End to play a blitz tournament. This was to celebrate the 60th birthday of one of their most esteemed colleagues, Dr John Nunn, mathematician, former top world class GM, author, problemist. We wish John a very happy birthday with this big pictorial report. Discuss

World Team Rd7: The mad battle for bronze 4/27/2015 – The clash of the titans, to abuse an oft-used movie reference, took place in round seven, with leaders Ukraine and China facing off against each other on the top boards. It was a dogged fight with blood spilled on both ends, but ended in a draw. With Cuba and Israel losing once more, seven teams, including tailenders USA and Russia, now have chances at bronze. Discuss

ChessBase's free tactics training 4/27/2015 – Tactics, tactics, tactics. There isn't a teacher or manual that does not press this point mercilessly, and with good reason: strategy collapses if the tactics are flawed. After releasing a slew of web applications, from cloud database to Fritz or children instruction, ChessBase now presents its latest addition, a free tactics trainer with over 34 thousand positions! Discuss

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Quotes Of The Day (from Kelly Atkins)

"My God given talent is my ability to stick with training longer than anybody else." Herschel Walker

"Some openings walk the line between leading to easy equality, and wiping the opponent off the board. They have an element of risk. A lot of the gambits fall into this category. If you know how to meet them, then you get to equalize easily. If not, bend over baby, here comes the A-train." Kelly Atkins
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